Manchester United thread


To an extent, yes. Otherwise it would still be acceptable for people to go round calling them p***s.

People cry about policing language, well what exactly do you think precipitated the change to becoming society in which it isn’t acceptable to call people poofs, coons and p***s?

Policing is such a loaded term anyway. Your freedom of speech isn’t being violated, as far as I’m aware nobody is calling for anyone to be punished for joining in this joke. I haven’t even seen people being branded as awful racists either, nearly all comment I have read totally acknowledges that no offence is intended and that there isn’t malice behind it, but that that doesn’t mean it isn’t offensive or wrong.


Bit rich coming from you seeing as you’ve been a part of this discussion and continue to be after making the above post.


Yes, but it took quite a while for someone to explain why it’s offensive to black people. I just took it on face value that a guy wouldn’t be offended that people thought he had a massive cock- didn’t realise it had undertones of slavery.

Chill out mate. Was a joke. I came back and the thread had exploded so made a quip.

Also, are you trying to say I’m rich because I’m white? Offended.


Yeah but the call centres didn’t help.


I might be doing disservice to those who faced those days by brushing off their miseries.

paki is to some extent an equivalent to the word nigger. I am certainly against words with obvious intent to offend.

We are talking about stereotypes. Indians are stingy, Indians are nerds, Indian wins spelling bees, stuff like that which is equivalent to the chant in focus.

If Indians demand shushing humour targeted at them, we would only invite more of it and from wrong section of society.

Right now anyone can go ‘come again’ and no one would bother. And come again is not so funny anymore.


I’m not going to get involved into th3 debate about the song etc etc. Either way it’s crass and very idiotic.

But one person, regardless of race of gender, should not be able to make a joke that another person from a different race/gender cannot make. It’s similar to the debate about the ‘n word’. It’s connotations are so disgusting that neither race(s) should ever use it in a casual way.


Going back to the original song about Lukaku and his perceived giant member then, I can’t see it being banned.

Songs with more than a few words in them don’t tend to last long anyway, so the song - amusing tho it is for some - won’t probably hang around long anyway and will just be sung at occasional away games and in pubs, just like certain Arsenal chants that have caused a ruckus in the past

Btw, the ‘Yid Army’ thing is entirely different as it’s a badge for a lot of them and will just be brought up periodically and then continually sung anyway. THFC are not going to be taking action over a song that’s basically sung at every game by large numbers of supporters


The particular period, when whites ruled the world, has shaped the world as we know it today. For most black people in North and South America the reality is that their history is linked to slavery and their ancestors were owned by white people. Even if it’s a small minority of white people. Not too mention indigeounes people who have been pretty much been terminated by white immigration to North/South-America and Australia. Purposefully or not. From that perspective is it so weird that there is a certain ‘distaste’ when white people call racism?

Not too mention apartheid and segregation.


Lukaku’s member is obviously huge. They don’t say he has the touch of a rapist for nothing.


^ bravo.




I’ve been subjected to “racism” I guess you’d call it xenophobia, wearing a milan shirt back in college after we humiliated manutd over two legs and this table of guys call me over I explain about my Italian dad and they say fuck off back to Italy then you greasy cunt.

I don’t know if it’s relevant or not and it probably isn’t but these guys were black, had I said a comment like that to them I’d have been expelled.


Exactly. Another example is Maria Sharipova’s recent book where she described Serena Williams only in terms of her power and strength, conveniently looking past her technique and intelligence on the court.


Yeah but it’s true? The williams sisters main weapons are their power and strength. When I watch most other games of women’s tennis I actually find it sometimes more enjoyable than the men’s because most of the time it is actually much more tactical than the hard hitting powerful fast game that is men’s tennis.

The williams sisters have ruined the sport for me as they have a stupidly massive advantage over all their opponents, and win most of their points not through skill but by power, as if Andy roddick had decided to put on a wig.


Sorry man but this is spoken like someone that’s knows fuck all about tennis, Serena in particular is a complete player as you’ll ever see in the women’s game, merely relying on power doesn’t mean much in Tennis at all.

Sharapova plays very similar to Serena in regard to power but that is never touched upon.


I think @gio makes a valid point though. You add that elite skill she has, to her overpowering physical attributes and it’s not a surprise she’s dominated the sport. And if she isn’t winning it’s her sister. I mean there’s one thing to be racist, it’s another just to turn a blind eye to certain physical attributes some people have.


I’m not saying they don’t have immense skill superior to their opponents, but that skill alone isn’t much better, (they have been outplayed tactically by intelligent opponents) I’m saying their incomparable power advantage allows them to then place those seriously accurate shots at an incredibly faster rate.


No he doesn’t because power doesn’t mean you win tennis matches.

She has has unparalleled skill when compared with her peers but I’m not surprised it’s being overlooked here.

It’s funny because Sharapova plays the power game also, so does the likes of Sam Stosur and many other players but it’s a big thing when it’s Serena.


This thread would make Reddit blush.


I said she has superior skill, and superior power. That makes her dominant. Read please, it would do you a world of good.