Manchester United thread


But you’re a white guy so what gives you the right to dictate what is and isn’t ok when it comes to jokes relating to black people?


Um perhaps because the whole joke is trenched in racial stereotyping? And why are you acting like those views are dead and gone, talking about the 21st century as if it’s all but a memory.


Coming from a brown guy’s point of view, why is it always a white person’s burden to be sensitive?

Why is it okay for a black guy to say ‘he will kick that guy’s white ass’? but God forbid the situation is turned around.

I acknowledge the discrimination but such measures should be from both sides.


It certainly has an implication.

The majority of people are not racist but for them to constantly be aware of the words they need to use around certain section be it black, muslims, Indians etc; will only lead to them never forgetting about racism.

Discrimination will not go by constant reminder.

Indians wouldn’t be able to work with Englishmen if we constantly remind us of their 200 year rule.
We have forgotten and at ease.


In the same way it might be ok for a women to make a joke about rape and it not being ok for a man to make a joke about rape, it’s all about who holds the power and the history of the things you are joking about

It would be ok for you to crack jokes about formerly being owned by the British but if an upper class ritch englishman even jokingly started talking to you as if that were still the situation you would be very justified in being wxtremly angry and even violent, It’s not that hard to understand is it?


But discrimination will definitely end if it’s swept under the rug and people acting like it doesn’t exist?

Makes sense to me.


I wouldn’t last 5 minute saying if I came to India and started cracking jokes with guys like “haha my grandmother owned your grandmother lol” and rightly so


Well said Trion.

Kaner if you keep viewing it in the context of someone having power over someone else then it’s never going to go away


When one group doesn’t hold more power than the other it might go away, we are a very very long way from that


and if our means towards balancing that all out includes trying to dictate to people what they can sing at a football match - when it’s as harmless as this particular song - then I can see why that process will take so long :confused:

Apologies though I’m not black so must absolve myself of any further opinion held


You are quite wrong my friend.

Indians in general are a timid bunch. We have massive inferiority complex. You would get away with it and we would laugh with you, unless you really rub it in.

At the same time, we just don’t care. We know the stereotype of being stingy, being smelly is true to some extent. Instead of shutting down those stereotype, we concentrate on work and get on with life.

How do you think Indians infiltrated ‘racist’ countries like US, UK, Australia, South Africa back in 80-90s and lived in relative peace?


Why arnt fans singing “Rooney is a spastic, Rooney is a spastic nah nah nah nah” up and down the county if words are just words and shouldn’t hold any power?


Those are extreme examples whose equivalency in this discussion would be outright calling a black guy a slave.

Which would be proper derogatory.


I’m reluctant to make this post, because English is your second language, but dude, “infiltrated”. Talk about using a sinister and loaded word about your own people lol.

I’ll put you in touch with the parents of some of my best friends if you want to know about how fucking awful it was for people from your part of the world when they moved here, it was no fucking picnic. It still isn’t in many ways.


It’s fucked up that you think having an inferiority complex is a good thing, why do you think Indians have an inferiority complex? Do you not think it might have something to do with being opressed people?


So, Man United eh?


Are we talking about Manure or something else?


I am quite aware it was tough for them but did they achieve the peace now by policing what people should speak and do?

I didn’t mean it as a good thing.
That’s just how we are.

Feeling of inferiority is down to how developed white countries are, how much they have achieved/invented/being better at everything we strived.

It’s changing and India has contributed a lot since turn of century.


No. They just bought up all the corner shops so we had to get on with them.

(I’m really not being serious. I’m not racist.)


That’s what I always thought but it turns out we were wrong all along.