Manchester United thread

Pogba made a point which is that he was always being told to do different things and play in different roles whilst always having different midfield partners.

There’s obviously an acceptance that Pogba isn’t a player who will win games by himself irrespective of the circumstances.

But ultimately United failed him more than he failed them.

Matic, McTominay, Fred as his primary midfield partners. Deep midfield roles, all of these weird number 10 roles and then also just having to contend with playing in some of the worst United teams since the pre-Fergie / early Fergie years.

I know I defend Pogba unnecessarily at times but that’s largely because I feel like people expected from him what wasn’t in his profile as a player to begin with


Pogba is certainly a high-level talent but also the kind of player who would require the right setup & require being surrounded by equally talented players.

Carrer of certain players really does depend on such factors and in hindsight, it was perhaps stupid of Pogba to join United. Should have waited for an offer from Real, Barca or Bayern.

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But by the same token Fabregas failed to replicate his Arsenal form at Barcelona when he was asked to play in unfamiliar roles that didn’t suit his profile as a player.

It was only at Joshua’s point you needed top level talent around you.

Pogba wasn’t used well many times. I think that price tag doomed him for the start. There was a strong impression (Especially from United fans) he was the 2nd coming of Vieira for some reason then immediately got on his back for his defensive game. Going to be toxic ever since he wasn’t the player they thought he was.

Incidentally Pogba’s rise started under Conte at Juventus. I don’t know how United passed up on him many times but eh United lol.

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He’ll surely look back on the summer of 2016 as the worse in his career. Probably got suckered by a tonne of cash United offered and promises from Jose as to where he saw the player fit in his plans.

He should always have chosen one of Real Madrid or Barça, and I think that Barça midfield at the time, with Rakitic next to him, would’ve been perfect.

A wasted talent tbh

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Theo was incredible at times. The 20 goal season is a fond memory of him for me. Even when it was clear he was one dimensional and couldn’t play through the middle he was still an ok contributor.

Pogba’s tenure at United is really nothing to speak of which is sad because he’s far better a footballer than Theo.


When Pogba’s in the right place, he’s one of the best in the World (France 2018).
He’s never been in that place at United. Revolving door of managers and poor stability at the club have affected him. Also couple injuries.
Not trying to make excuses but he’s genuinely a fucking baller. Attitude could do with some fixing as well though.

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Should have said no phones at the door.

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Basically saying that United don’t have that much money to play with anymore after pissing away so much and that tuneless they get external investment the club aren’t going anywhere in the next few years.

Apparently the fans were going to his house to protest so he took them to the pub, bought them a drink and had a chat with them.


Wonderful news keep it coming.

Chelsea next pls


more talks about ten Hag chasing Frenkie and Eriksen. I am worried he’ll fix their midfield and start playing good attacking football and actually become a top 4 threat again.

I hope he gets neither and no one else for that matter

Those fans should have respected the gesture and should not have filmed him.
Now he will never buy any fan a drink and have a honest conversation.

It was a naive but lovely gesture by him


I mean, we can all moan about the state of the Arsenal but it gives me great comfort that despite our calamities and decline, United are an even bigger shambles.

Hired Rangnick to lead the football strategy of the club, the dude sucks in the interim role but helps to pick the next manager…and the new manager fucks him off! Pogba leaving on a free, signing him for £89m and then letting him leave for free to the same fucking club AGAIN. Millions wasted on players like Maguire and Wan Bissaka. No clear transfer strategy at all. Squad is in absolute disarray, players wanting out, no harmony whatsoever.

It’s a complete shit show over there AND I LOVE IT. I am trying to channel all that hatred I used to feel towards United in the mid-90s through to the end of the 00s. It’s glorious. Absolutely wonderful.


In 2013. United were champions of England and Brentford in league 1.

Now in 2022 :joy::joy::joy:


I’d sign for United personally. Things are changing there and it might be good and he’ll get paid now he’s shown he’s still got it. Having a stab at the EL too.

Playing for Brentford is just giving up on your career. It’s been mutually beneficial and a great choice at the time but he can still compete for more. If he is happy and just wants an easy life though I wouldn’t blame him, but I think it would be a waste.


Id throw it out there that if he really wanted to test himself he could go back to Spurs, theyre in the CL and making signings.
He knows the club well, surprising that doesnt seem to be linked at all.

It doesn’t sound like he is a priority for Spurs bow that they signed Bissouma who probably is a better fit to rotate in their system.

Conte had a hard time utilizing him at Inter. I think he would get more chances at Man Utd.