Manchester United thread

Gotta love their approach.

Dump Moyes, sign Van Gaal and play shitty uninspired football.

Dump LVG, sign Mourinho and play functional stuff, win a little but it gets poisonous.

Dump Mourinho and bring in OGS as a good cop, play awful stuff, look disjointed on and off the field.

Dump OGS after extending him and then hire a guy to build an infrastructure but also make him manager.

Chase yet another coach who they easily could have signed at any point over the last two years and try to assemble some weird Voltron of leadership.

The only thing I worried about was RR building a production line of young talent at ManU.


Best they get out of this is a transition manager. Won’t deliver the big goods. Ragnick off the pitch could make a difference but 3 years from anything realistic in major challenges.
Could get him a bit early if PSG bow out of Europe.


RIP, hope this downfall last decades. :+1:

This 4-2-2-2 is so rubbish. He’s only coaching for 6 months which makes less sense. Is there a need for something like this when the new coach will most likely bin this trash?

Ole looks like a better coach at this stage lol

At least he kept it simple


Rashford looks so sorry for himself. Won’t make the world cup the way his form his going.

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Of course he is. Would be a PR nightmare if he doesn’t. :grin:

Agree, looks well out of sorts. Deserves lots of praise for off the field stuff but on it he’s stinking out the place. Realise I just have, but no need to link the two things like many do.


Rashford was genuinely just never really that good. He was an exciting young player because expectations for younger players are infinitely lower than for the established first team players.

The moment the expectations fell in line with the wages and the hype, and the pressure began to mount - he simply showed he was unable to cope.

He’s a good guy he really is but this guy should not be playing for Manchester United first team. His talent level is mid table premier league


That’s quite harsh tbh

He may not be a superstar talent but he’s played well for United in the last few seasons carrying them quite a bit particularly in 2019/2020.

He had a persistent back issue which he was carrying all of last season and still had a respectable season considering, he finally went to resolve by having surgery and I’d say is still coming back from that.

Do United need better? Probably but I wouldn’t say it’s down to pressure or wages as to why he’s stagnated. When was the last time he played under a very good coach? Who at United looks consistently good barring De Gea? Says it all really

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Maybe I am being harsh but I’ve genuinely never seen it with him. He looks brainless and looks like he relies too much on his physical attributes without the ability to really combine it with actually thinking about what he’s doing.

He had one stand out season at United but he’s been a professional for half a decade now and who can really say he’s pushed on in that time?



You can’t make this shit up.

Rat boy wanted a penalty to stat pad even more?

Tbf, I thought he was very good. His finish for the second was exquisite.


Trouble in Manchester!
Must be Ronaldo again…

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Can’t imagine a coach saying this without it being true. I can, however, imagine a player saying it isn’t true once this has come out in the open.


One of them is lying and it’s hilarious

United in being cunts shocker

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