Manchester United thread




Can’t credit United’s economics here, though. A player they let go for a pittance, then buy back at a huge sum. Someone dropped a bollock there.




I know the standards aren’t particularly high but Roy Keane really is my favourite pundit in English football. He’s the only one that talks like you’d expect a serial winner to. You talk about characters in the dressing room etc. but Keown, Vieira etc. aren’t what you’d expect them to be but Keane really gives the impression he’s not changed at all and he can’t be dealing with bullshit.


Gotta love the fact that despite not having lost in the League since October, they have a poor home record for wins, that’s set to be lower than Moyes, plus points wise is very comparable with van Gaal and Moyes.

At this stage losing out on top 4 is very possible and that would be that extra money from Adidas gone too :slight_smile:


They will win the Europa League, so if that Adidas money is reliant on CL football they will get it.


This is the result of lack of football style which Mourinho has.

In the past his abilities were to create a solid group and take advantage from than have excellent tactical abilities like other top managers. His Inter, his Porto, his Chelsea during the first and the second period, were team with a strong mentality and simple football concepts good enough to beat the opponents and won many trophies.

How many current players would be good enough to be into the XI of Inter or Chelsea? Ibrahimovic for sure, Carrick for sure, De Gea for sure, but for the rest? To be talented is not connected to be a winner. Paul Pogba is the perfect example.


I find it quite uncomfortable how Mourinho keeps laying into Shaw. Even after a decent performance, taking the credit for it? When has a manager ever done that?

If he’s such a big problem sell him in the summer and be done with it because there will be plenty of clubs in this country that are interested but this is a 21 year old who’s had a shit time with injuries and missed a lot of football. He decided he wanted to sign him so knew what he would be getting. If he doesn’t have a football brain then the United and Chelsea scouts are incompetent. They probably can’t shift him because of his wages but that’s a risk they took when they gave him the contract. They really should just loan him out to someone like Bournemouth.


Mourinho doesn’t deal well with young players who have a bit of an attitude themselves and don’t buy in completely to what he is selling. I think Shaw needs a change of scenery and would be glad to take him this summer as our long term LB solution. I can see him doing a KDB or Lukaku and blossoming once he gets away from The Narcissistic One. The talent is there.


Back in the 6th place :poldi:


There next game is against the worst team in the PL, away to Sunderland.
I can’t see them not winning that.


I actually have come to a point where I feel like I might actually miss Mourinho when he leaves. :joy: Only in Mourinho’s world are comments like those possible.

Also, the way he responds to this reporter at :25 is just hilarious:


United just gave Jesse Lingard 100K per week on a four year deal.

Football is crazy.


That sounds so normal these days.


Yup. It actually makes Walcott’s 110K per week deal look pretty good.


Isn’t Walcott on 140k a week?


It would make my day if Luke Shaw would just plant one on that cunt Mourhino’s ugly schnozz.




Is that even legal?

How can they deny somebody the right to sit in a pub in Brussels and watch a football match, just because they support a certain club?


Maybe they hate the mancs and Mourinho as much as we do!