Manchester United thread


Presumably you do care about signing better players though.


Again if Wengers the manager not really.

He signed Özil and Alexis and we’ve only got two fa cups. Which I’m not putting down btw.


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Ok and leave a manchester United type of situation that we don’t have the funds to remedy by just buying anyone and everyone we please. Lol fuck off Calum. I thought our board were fucking stupid, glad the fanatics don’t get a sniff at running this club.

Lol, what an apt description for the scottish GFI. Anyways I’d put it down to people just being absolute lunatics and fanatics gone too far.


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I’m not sad or mad about it. Just saying cba with cl if it’s with Wenger.

I don’t want us to finish out the top 4 but if we do I’m not bothered if its Wenger that’s manager


He used to be a legend.
As for attracting good players, is it him or the wages we pay.
He is good at attracting good players but not great ones.
For a club of our stature to have only bought two top quality players since we have been at the Emirates is about as bad as it gets.
Where do you get the idea Wenger is some sort of magnet for these type of players?

Man U attract big name players, we don’t.

He is good at attracting players like Giroud, Perez, Xhaka, Walcott, Chamberlain, Ramsey etc, because they aren’t elite players, but when it comes to buying world class players he must be one of the worst managers in Europe.

He usually buys when he is desperate or under pressure, and Ozil and Sanchez were offered to him at a bargain price, which is his favourite transfer fee.
It’s not as if he had been chasing them for several seasons, they just came along at the right price.

Man U have bought more elite players in the transfer windows they haven’t been in the CL, than Wenger has done since he came here.

It’s a myth that he can attract Europe’s best players.


He is still one of the biggest names in the world when it comes to managers. That’s not going to change anytime soon and will always be a factor over lesser known names.


I grew with you about the so called great player magnet invincible. Wenger is a prick when it comes to buying any players.
He got is bargain buy with o zil n Sanchez. Two fantastic players who are capable of making any team winners.
And what does he do? Hangs onto our average players, Montreal, giroud, Le ccoqq, xaka, elemeny etc.
any other top club manager would have bought a world class striker. Not Wenger. He was always going to stick with giroud.
Likewise with Montreal and Le ccoqq not good enough.
I would sooner see 15 quality players at our club than half a dozen quality and 18 average players.
This club needs a good clear out and we all no where it should start.


That was my point.
He is attractive for lesser known players, but he certainly isn’t for the best players in Europe, which is what we need.
We have a surplus of under whelming players and, after the next transfer window, probably no world class players.


Eh, you start your argument with asking if it is Wenger or the wages we pay and then go on to bring ManUtd as an example of a club that attracts those players who are equally as dependent on a big name manager to attract the very best players while also offering a lot more money while also being the biggest club in the world.

Just because we get rid of Wenger we’re not suddenly going to attract the very best players in the world. Wenger as a manager still is among the biggest names there is and if he can’t attract them we’re not going to do it with anyone else. Post Wenger is going to be about smart squad building, tactical guidance and about being better on the market in general. Not about buying all the best players in Europe, at least not until the club has proven to have the foundation in place to do better and make best use of them.


We’re going to have to operate like Dortmund while having probably a much more clueless front office.


Why would we need to operate like Dortmund? We’re one of the 5 or 6 wealthiest clubs in the world. Financially we are miles ahead of Dortmund.


Because we don’t pay big wages. A lot of the guys Dortmund has been buying we should have been investing in because when they are hot shit and in their prime they are going to City, Chelsea, or United (as far as our direct competitors go).


We pay big wages to average players.
Man U pay big wages to big name players.

Either he can’t attract them, or he is too tight fisted to buy them.
What ever the reason I’m sure any top manager, assuming that’s what Kroenke is going to go for, could do a better job in the transfer market.

Our transfer windows are the worst of any top team in Europe, I find it difficult to believe another manager would be the same, unless it is Kroenke who hasn’t given Wenger the money to get the players we need, and will be the same with who ever the next manager is.


We have one of the highest wage bills in the world. We have reportedly offered Sanchez 180k a week. We do not need to operate a Dortmund model.


That’s assuming our policies won’t or can’t change after Wenger leaves. A lot of what this club does, is by (partially) by his say.


We’d be Dortmund on steroids basically. In a vacuum our wage bill is stupid but compared to the other teams currently beating us year in year out for targets, we don’t pay the big bucks. We’ll have to be a lot smarter and take shots at guys like Xhaka because we wont be buying the Pogbas of the world.


Manchester United are even 6th in the UK charts… :joy:


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