Manchester United thread

Free feel to show the plethora of evidence as you say

Prominent people, regardless of race, receive a disproportionate amount of press coverage especially those in sports and entertainment. It’s a pretty standard concept in media.

Not sure if you are old to enough to the remember the press coverage of Terry, Beckham, Rooney or Barton in the noughties or 2010s

Multiple black players speaking up in the last few years is enough for me and also what I see in the media but by all means take the view that there is no issue and that they they’re wrong.

Show me one white player that gets it like Sterling does for example?

I was looking for reports, essays and objective analysis? Subjective opinions aren’t evidence of anything.

Where have I said there’s no issue? I stated in my post above it’s not a good thing.

I’ve given you 4 examples above of guys that have been shellacked by the media at various times in their career. If you really believe Sterling has had a harder time in the media than say Rooney then we’re going to have to agree to disagree


Tabloids hate footballers because they are mostly working class boys that got rich based on their talent, and these hacks that are in the club due to nepotism and certainly not any hard work or talent can’t stand the most meritocratic industry.

It shows them up.

Anyways, huge signing.


Still, an odd announcement. Man’s from South London. What is this bs about Man Utd being his home?


Doubled their penalty bottler ratio over night.


Really bad timing with the Olympics and quite underwhelming announcement vid…would not watch again. Bring Pogback.

Maybe he feels at home in Manchester.

From this 3 minute highlight reel, Sancho is clearly better from the left side. I wonder how long it will take for United to come to that conclusion…:thinking:

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I have seen the same thing and have been arguing it with United fans.

When playing on the break or in wide open games it doesn’t really matter which side Sancho plays on because he has the space to use either foot. But against organized defenses he is really good on the left when he can cut inside onto his right foot to dribble, pass, shoot but fairly useless playing on the right. He doesn’t have enough ability/confidence on his left foot to cut inside from the right and be a real danger, which isn’t really a knock as few players can do that well with their weaker foot.

I think if they play him mainly at RW, especially if Wan Bissaka is the fullback supporting him, they are setting him up for a tough initial season. It seems like Rashford might get surgery and be out a few months so maybe he’ll play on the left for a while though.


I think it’s going to be a really difficult season for Sancho regardless of where he plays. An ex-Man City youth product playing for the shit Manchester team for a disgusting fee who’s only contribution during the Euro’s was costing his national team the trophy.

It’s going to a fiery season for the young man but he’s clearly got the talent so it’s kind of exciting. He won’t be given the Martial treatment where he’s essentially allowed to be mediocre to average indefinitely.


Ole to be sacked by Christmas?

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Jealous of their attacking potential. Rashford Greenwood sancho with Bruno behind. So direct I love it.

Need to bin Fred and buy someone awesome for that position. Varane I’d a huge signing as well.

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Arteta to outlast Ole?

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Hilariously it will still be old Hercules Cavani and shit penalties by ratty rat face Ferrandes winning them all their games.

First to fire their coach gets Conte.

New era of United dominance if Conte lands at United - Pray it doesn’t happen


Dominance of what?

They still don’t overtake City or Liverpool IMO

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Dominance of the league and competitive in the CL

You’re betting against Conte if he inherited United’s existing squad, tons of future investment and a spineless board?

United with Conte overtake Liverpool imo. Klopp is coming to the end of a cycle


Very bold claim, what’s the basis for this?