Manchester United thread

Yeah I don’t see what United fans have to complain about here.
The club is owned by Glazers. Fans are happy to see the owners spend the money but not when they are taking it out from a unit owned by them.

If there was no investment into the squad, fair enough but they have spent so much money into players under Glazer.
I don’t see how Glazers being the owner, hampers all fan experience. Poor decision making has been the issue, not money.


Melanie Martial (Martial’s wife): “The club of my heart is Real Madrid. I hope my husband plays there soon.”

A footballer’s wife saying something stupid and proving they know nothing about football.
Who’d have thought.

If Utd were in the title race, no way their fans would be doing this. Most of them there probably are just bored from lockdown and not being able to go to games; and they just wanna be on TV and social media.

They’ve spent millions and bought some good players. Don’t tell me this is about the Glazers. This was just bored and entitled fans. Cunts the lot of them.


As much as I don’t have much sympathy with Man U supporters, they have a right to complain, just like the supporters of the other clubs were, about their owners going behind their backs to organise the ESL.

Most people didn’t want it and it proved that none of the owners of these clubs are interested in what supporters think, only in making a massive profit.

We could maybe have a better understanding of this situation if like someone in the media maybe asked people why they were doing this.
Bit revolutionary I know. Maybe best leave it too the tabloids and broadcasting companies who know best instead.

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this husbund or another one?

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In recent weeks, some fans have sought to engineer cyber-attacks on club partners, leaving negative reviews to damage the reputation of brands associated with Manchester United.

In March, United’s signed a £47 million-per-year deal with the global technology company TeamViewer to sponsor the club’s shirts. However, on Trust Pilot, an open online review platform where consumers can provide feedback about a company, United supporters have posted negatively about TeamViewer. As of Tuesday afternoon, 86 per cent of the company’s visible reviews on the platform were judged “bad”, leaving an overall rating of 1.3/5 for TeamViewer. One poster went under the name of “Paul Pogba”, writing: “Terrible software, gave my PC malware. Definitely do not recommend.” Another review read: “Immoral company that will act as accomplices to horrible acts against things you hold dear. Avoid.” A third wrote: “Poor product and even poorer choice of sponsorship with the Glazers. There are cheaper alternatives to this on the internet for free do not purchase or use.”

Extract from an athletic article :joy::joy:


That’s a quite ingenious way of sticking it to the man in general. But I’m not quite sure how that impacts United, who will pocket the sponsorship money anyway.

Teamviewer the poor saps lol

Whilst I’m glad United fans are angry and doing the most against these dickhead owners.

There was no anger when they won like 7/10 Premier league titles broke transfer records and wage barriers every single year and shaping the league to suit them.

It’ll make it harder to sell sponsorship in future if they keep it up.

Lost in the conversation a bit is the Teamviewer deal is quite a bit less than the Chevrolet deal, which was in fairness considered bloated at the time.


That Chevy deal was outrageous but I remember being jealous at the time. At the time I thought that our sponsorship deals were holding us back.

Seen this on reddit earler. fair play to them hit them where it would hurt the glazers

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I think sad to see grown men distorting reviews on product/services who don’t have anything to do with the issue. Like a two year old throwing a tantrum.

“Attempted murder of English football” :joy: Fucking clowns


United fans have a legitimate gripe with the leveraged buyout and with the incompetent way the club has been run. But complaining about a publicly traded company issuing relatively small dividends is stupid, especially when the club has spent like a billion pounds post-Fergie on player acquisitions.

Would be surprised if this doesn’t cause any injuries at this stage of the season.

Not that any of the games matter though is the?


Good news for us if we qualify for the final.

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There was tbf, that’s why FCUM was created.

But they had success to distract them from that for a bit.

I guess current events are bringing how shit the glazers are into hyper focus, with no shiny success to distract them.

I have a lot of time for what United fans are doing.

Sure people will carp from the sidelines about whatever they do not being the ‘right way’ to protest, but it’s a lot more effective than many protest movements, like say what we did during the Everton match.

I hope both sets of fans continue showing displeasure, ideally Arsenal fans stop being so aimless and easy to disperse