Manchester United thread

Funny thing about Fergie is he was already an achiever before he arrived at United, his Aberdeen side is still the last non old firm club to win the league. 3 out of 4 Aberdeen titles were under his reign and he won in Europe too.

Guy was just a natural born winner.


There’s no question he’s the best ever in my opinion.

And I definitely hate him.

And it’s hilarious that United haven’t even been in a title race since he left.

Fuck united. Cunts.

Of course the only time he couldn’t was the Scotland NT.

That’s how bad we were/are :arteta:

Wenger >>>>>>>>>>

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Cry me a river

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wow Ole has really grown older since taking the ManU job.


Luke Shaw the only one to get into a joint Utd-City team for Ray Parlour and Trevor Sinclair. You know what that sort of thing usually means… :grin:


Man, shut the hell up lol


He looks like a rat


I saw that interview and it was so bizarre

Such a passion merchant

Don’t see anything wrong with what he’s saying tbh. I know we usually like players to shut up and do their job but every now and again it’s nice to hear their perspective. There must be a lot of day to day pressure on Fernandes and he’s not exactly ‘going off on one’. Seems like a measured response to criticism.

I’d have an issue if it was every damn week players were flapping their gums without the performances.

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The English press are really awful with their favouritism. Like not even try to hide it.

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I laugh when they say the owners need to support the manager. UTD have probably spent close to a billion £ like how much more support do they want? Their season was going down the drain and they just threw £55m at Bruno Fernandes.


I slept like a baby last night. Mainly because I got a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the Manchester United board are going to smack a fresh new 3 year contract extension on that clueless norwegian ass. Thats United out of the picture for a good 3-4 seasons.

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They’re always whining about spending on RedCafe when they spend out of their arse, something is in the waters up there.


What about the draws with Chelsea, Everton and Palace. Does that show what they’re capable of?

What about their abysmal record against the top six?

Not complaining though, please give OGS a new contract and back him further. They won’t win anything significant with him at the helm.