Manchester United thread

It’ll be Liverpool and city again

Think I may have posted that City run of fixtures about 16 hours prior to you just did.

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Twitter will be hilarious when they get slapped by Liverpool and they’re calling for Ole to get the sack again.


Thanks for clearing it up you fucking dickhead.



Me and my bro @Midfield_Maestro just ahead of the curve. What can we say.


Sure, if being world class means putting in a handful of good performances a season :joy:

That’s one of the fundamental issues with Pogba, you jump after a good performance but holla at me me when he performs excellently and consistently for a whole season. Hasn’t done that yet has he? Besides, that’s Bruno’s team now.


Sounds very much like Özil that.


pogba has world class moments every so often, but is not world class, obviously I don’t know what he’s like in training and how serious he is but those years of cringe with Lingard off the pitch really distracted him


Pogba is definitely world class after demonstrating his outstanding ability against the mighty 16th placed Burnley, a team who have managed an astonishing 0.6 goals per game this season. A team so bad that not even Brexit wants to keep them in Ingerland.

The great Paul Pogba, ladies and gents


Pogba is going to lead United to the title

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Be worth it just to see Souness’s reaction. The veins in his head will be bulging.


Mactominay making Pogba look good. Shamed him into a performance.


Simple but interesting tactics from SAF

Talks of him being depressed? I remember he knew that City lad that passed away recently but didn’t know it was that deep.

I know he’s getting pressure this season to deliver but surely Man Utd fans are backing him? Guy’s a super talent.

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He has STALLED He seems more frustrated lately I know his mate has passed recently and I bet it’s still weighing him I wonder if a sports psychologist talking to him? Mental Health in athletes can be fragile and in need of being looked at frequently

I thought he stalled because of his off the field antics to do with england, didn’t know his friend died

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He’s been cut from the squad (not that he played much anyway), so he definitely needs to get out of there

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Oh no, what will happen to his premium high end fashion brand J-Lingz?


The luxury tracksuit market in Sheffield is a gold mine waiting to be exploited.


the guy needs to realise how average he is, sheffield united is his level