Manchester United thread


Europa League clash against Tottenumb next week. It’s gonna so interesting and funny :wenger:


Happy Days :per:


Spuds and Manure, LOL! There’s a symmetry there. Cunts, the pair of them. Shame they can’t both lose.




I think we’ll end up in a tight battle for 4th with them, starving off Tottenham but eventually trailing Liverpool and City.


This is the most likely scenario which really is a sad state of affairs especially because we have arguably the best player in the League at our disposal.


Based on what? We had a bad game this week but that’s bound to happen over the course of a season. It’s not like we were outplayed, it could easily have been 2-2 with Iwobi’s chance and the penalty I think we should have had 5 seconds later. Liverpool lost against Bournemouth and City against Leicester in recent weeks.

I’ve seen a couple of Liverpool games this season (City not so much) and honestly, I see no reason why we should consider us finishing behind them the most likely scenario.


City have been through a crisis and have wound up 1 point behind us. Liverpool have played some of the best football in the league this season and have had a tougher fixture list than us. The level these two have played at times has been on a different level to us, they’re much more capable of pushing Chelsea in the long run.

We’re still yet to go through our horror run (it happens every season), and United have been hilariously unfortunate to not have an extra 6 or so points to their tally which would put them at the same sort of position to ourselves, Liverpool and City.


You’ve just made endless excuses for Man City there. Going through a crisis as if their massive squad has been through hell lately. There’s no crisis, they’ve just failed to deliver and their manager has paid the price for being ignorant about his defence. Likewise, we have also failed to deliver. We have no excuses, but neither do they. My point is don’t judge other teams under a different level of strictness to the way you judge Arsenal. As for United, another dose of jarring excuses for their failure. The margins are small for every team. All three sides are having a below par season. Chelsea and Liverpool are the only two teams doing well in the campaign for the title.


Nods head in agreement


United have been hilariously not very good more like


Manure play shit, tbf. They have just been a bit unlucky with their finishing.


Nah Disagree they have deserved more points than they have for the performances. Deserved to get maximums vs Us, Stoke and Burnley for a start.


I never see you talk about what Arsenal “deserve”


Looking forward to all the creative excuses you can muster up for our lot too mate… :laughing:


This year I can’t think of us having a game where have got less than we deserved. Maybe a draw vs Everton on Tuesday Night ? Deserved to Lose to Liverpool, Deserved to draw Tottenham, Boro and Leicester. Probably got more than we deserved vs United and Southampton at home.


Anyway let me side with Aussie and Mourinho for once.
I will wash my hand straight away after typing this.

If the performances are good and chances are created, the manager has done his job.
If the issue is wih finishing, then the blame is on the players. There is deficiency in their ability and their coaching that players are unable to finish, rather than manager’s tactical or managing flaws.

Since I have heard United were performing well and only lacking finishing, perhaps Mourinho deserved to be a bit ahead in table.
The team on a whole however deserves to be Where they are.


I’ve watched United almost every week. They have mostly been pure shit bar that performance against Burnley. Don’t get it twisted.


United are shit. This ‘bad luck’ narrative is nauseating. We’ve played better football and had results just as bad as them for years and we were never called “sooo unlucky”. If you didn’t win, you didn’t win. I find questions about who ‘deserved’ to win a game in football ridiculous, as if the way you play gives you some kind of right to 3 points. Every team has to play whatever kind of way they think will maximise their odds of winning. Done right, with talented enough players, it will usually produce results. ‘Deserving or not deserving’ it shouldn’t come into the picture I feel. You do what you do to give yourself the best chance, end of story.


It’s more complicated than that though, the quality of chances they were creating weren’t great. See our game there were no easy chances they missed.

Last season we had the most chances created in the league for much of the season. I didn’t hear Aussie coming on here touting that stat while we were behind Spurs and Leicester.