Manchester United thread

Man Utd fans:


I didn’t enjoy seeing they had 28 shots and 14 on target.



9 more :joy:s than I think is really appropriate, but it gets a like still.

Can’t believe it’s free


Can’t believe @JakeyBoy counted all the :joy: 's

And then made me fucking count them too, the nonce


Now I just counted them you dick!

I did as well lol

And not one of you fuckers said how many there is.

Alright Mr crying laughing emoji police.

What is the legal limit of :joy: would you say? :wink:

  1. Cause we are all adults.
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I hope you choke on that broccoli

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Poor Phil

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Gotta apreciate the self awareness

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Can’t believe Jones is only 28 and has been at United almost 10 years. Fucking hell

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Sergio Romero was really close to joining Everton as well, think he had a great shot of taking over Pickford’s place. Shame how things didn’t work out for him.

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Some bizarre shit going on in the PL. Why weren’t all these players forced out on loan, even with the parent club paying a lot of their wages?

I can understand Ozil has a reputation for not wanting to play football and wanting to go to London restaurants, but Sokratis, Jones and Romero? Would bottom half clubs not have taken them as cheap backups? There was talk of Holding being wanted, is Holding massively superior to Jones and Sokratis?