Manchester United thread

who cares tbh. the scum at it again

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You know, you hear the word ‘discipline’ often enough regarding the on the pitch behaviour, then you get little twats like this off the pitch - and you can include the recent Covid breach incident with Foden and Greenwood, and Maguire’a escapade in Greece in that.

Didn’t there used to be hefty punishments for ‘bringing the game into disrepute’?


Who cares, it’s just laughing gas they give to pregnant women. It’s probably got way less side effects than the drinking binges our golden era players went on

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It’s shit because young kids around the 11 to 14 ages could be impressed with it.
Not a great couple of weeks for him. Blink kid and your Lingard.

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Promise this has no porn noises guys. But it might as well.

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2 mins 19 seconds of sex screams! :joy:

And long may it continue!

Man Utd fans applauding Laurens for taking their side and I’m sitting here grinning because Laurens confirmed again that they were in for Gabriel too.


Man Utd fans are a pissed off bunch atm. They’re the Squidward meme brought to life, seeing Liverpool and Chelsea signing players while they’re have missed out on most of their targets.

Fuck ‘em.


Just need someone to sign Sancho now :joy::joy:

Absolutely loving this new trend of United downfall comps:

Drinking it in, after years of SAF and Park ji Sung nonsense.


These last 8 years have been glorious :fire::joy:

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Memo to self: Must look in on Red Cafe. Usually good for a smirk or two.

Another one :arteta:


More a missed opportunity really. To have not capitilised in this period is annoying really.

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If there was ever such a time for Wenger to enjoy the twilight of his Arsenal career it was the day Fergie stepped down. I have this theory that if Wenger had invested and built a real team to compete he would have became the new media darling now that Fergie was gone. Hell Wenger was practically British by this point and everyone would have romanced his tenure had he managed to win a league again.

Unfortunately like with every window he procrastinated and only began to invest when his job was on the line and by that point things were too far gone.



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Woah, wtf? :rofl:

Pogba made a poor career choice moving back to United

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