Manchester United thread


Why you lying?


Hahaha isn’t even top 5

I suppose as a manager sometimes you have to play that game

Honestly it’s crazy to see DDGs fall from Grace.

For a good 3-4 seasons he was genuinely the best keeper in the world by a country mile and now he’s just become a joke and it’s not even age related.

Bit like Joe Hart or maybe even Julio Cesar - winning the champions league with Inter and 7 scudettos to playing for QPR in the Championship lol


I don’t think he ever was. Always has poor distribution, average command of his defence and not so decisive aerially.

He’s a great shot stopper but was never well rounded enough.

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Ahh I don’t know, from about 2014-2018 he was genuinely at the very top. He saved Man Utd so many points they didn’t deserve and saved them from even more humiliation than they have experienced.

But maybe you’re right, maybe that was down to his incredible shot stopping.

Definitely feels like he’s had a proper from hero to zero moment though.

definitely. So weird, it’s the one thing that goes through my mind every time I hear about or see him have a howler nowadays, I think “fuck in the end not even he could resist being broken down at the toxic Man Utd of today”.

Also as you mention, age is not a thing so it’s possible if he ever leaves that perpetual dumpster fire behind and go to an actually good team he’ll get back to his best again.

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Yea I definitely think De Gea had his head turned by Real and I don’t think he’s ever recovered from that. If he was to get a move to a top side I think we’d see his best again.

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Could very well be this.
Sometimes you just need a change to reset and start over again.

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He had his head turned but then had himself on a new long term deal with United within about 3 months didn’t he? I guess United money is hard to turn down.

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He’s wasted his best years at United really. They won the title (the year he arrived?) and then only challenged for it once in the years that followed?

I looked it up and he signed that deal less than 2 weeks after that window closed it seems. I definitely think the amount they threw at him helped get that signature and it also wasn’t united who fucked him over so I’d imagine he was disinclined to help Real out if they wanted to wait til he was a free agent.

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Angel Gomes looks to be off. Highly rated isn’t he?

Bit late replying to this but that “still” smacks of disbelief in what he’s saying.

Man U have got an easy run in and apart from Leicester in their last game all the other teams they have to play are in the bottom half of the PL.

It will be interesting to see if they keep hold of Solksjaer or have a top European manager lined up.
It’s a bit hard to get rid of a manager if he gets a top four place and wins every game.

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OGS looks like he’s growing with the challenge and I have to say I like him as a person when I see him in interviews. Comes across really well.


confirmation that Cristo is a United fan, always knew it

Wtf am i reading :gabriel:


Bruno Fernandes looks like the real deal. And how tall is he? Looks like he’s about my height/Santi’s height. :ozil:

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He’s nearly 6 foot lol

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