Manchester United thread

Asamoah must be fucked is the only logic I can see.

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Don’t quite see how you finally pip Juve by doing things this way.

Strange ass transfer.

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Asamoah is definitely messed but even if his legs weren’t shot - he needs replacing.


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He scored a few goals at the world cup with that disproportionately large growth on his neck that he calls a head, not sure there was much to it than that haha

Sensational business to flip Maguire like that. What was it? 17m paid to Hull and one year later, 80m from United. Not to give too much credit, but its almost like Leicester realised that it was a world cup year and that pretty average players might just get into the England squad and then attract that fabled English premium if they play semi well.

Basically, I think they basically saw Man U coming from a mile off/a year in advance and played an absolute blinder. One of the best bits of business this decade imo (edit: well, last decade)


He seems to dribble really well out of defense and have a commanding physical presence. But I won’t pretend I really know enough about defenders to know if he’s worth it though.



Rio Turdinand had this about him, too.

He was awful when he came up against pace, though

Rio read the game fast though and was excellent at positioning and nice passer of the ball.
Quality player for me him. Natural leadership skills as well.


I hated Ferdinand so much and a huge part of that was that he was a massive cunt, but it was also because he was so good.

That 30m they spent on him was phenomenal business in the end.






Pogba may think George Perez is the president of Real.

a “new sporting challenge” like … er … winning matches and playing good football?


Or turning up and giving a flying fuck. @Darkseid got the evidence on his camera.

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Hasn’t this bit of news been reported for the last 2 years now? How is he still at the club?!

New sporting challenge and then list Juventus


When you look at how bad everyone who moves to United has been its hard to be too critical of Pogba.

His midfield partners have been atrocious since he arrived and he’s worked with such low quality options around him.

Surrounded by shit in dysfunctional teams it’s hardly surprising he hasn’t shown his talent consistently.

Head and shoulders above anyone in that team and a world class midfield talent.

I’d argue that for that price tag, he’s got to be more of a professional.

The blame, if it is to be apportioned, lies mainly at his door.

Apart from a few good performances after the World Cup, he’s been abject for Manchester United. Being world class means nothing when you decide not to play


It’s not that hard. No harder than it is to be critical of Ozil. There are definitely united games I’ve watched in his time there where he had that couldn’t give a fuck vibe and that’s basically impossible to excuse for me.

Not that I care, long may he stay there not giving a fuck and sucking down huge wages. :slight_smile: