Manchester United thread

So many things are funny about that post :joy: even if it is reactionary, to doom Serie A even though we should know by now that what league is in the top echelon switches sooo fast, since the last Italian peak in the CL there was an English peak like 10 years ago, then a Spanish peak (Barca), then a German peak (Bayern+BvB), then a Spanish peak again (RM), then a fully English final just now, and in between Milan had two finals, Juventus had two finals, Inter had one, like… it’s such a rookie thing to say.

And to say you cannot buy your way into an interesting league… well it sucks to say but the league that buys the most foreigners and traditionally have the lowest amount of native players of the top league is probably the PL teams, Italian, Spanish and German teams are often more packed with native players and they spend less on transfers than the PL does lol and United are close to spending the most out of all the clubs out there since SAF left, especially if you take wages into account (though that only scales weakly), only RM and Barca have a case in periods.

De Ligt is 19, he could be there for 15 years and experience whoknows what in terms of European power struggles during that time. Clearly this person is just lashing out wildly but still funny, and as Trion says, it’s funny to watch them fall after all the shite they talked, and they did it as if it was not just SAF being a genius and besides that they’re not very special in top football imo lol

That post pretty much typifies what a lot of Man U supporters are like.
Ignorant, arrogant and totally unaware of their own hypocrisy.

If any team could drop out of the top six, I would say it could be them, unless they get rid of Solskjaer.


This whole post actually made me properly lol

There’s so much going on there that I can’t even begin to break it down.


So they are just as deluded as us now, yay?

Nah I think most Arsenal fans have just lost all hope and come to terms with us never winning the league again, not sure I’d define us as deluded.

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United rejected a €60 million bid for Lukaku.

Absolutely dominating Inter. They look awful.

If Manchester signs Bale we’re fucked. If he stays fit I could see them winning at least 2 trophies. Even the odd chance at the league, however dominant City and Liverpool are.



If United get Bale they’re definitely winning this season’s Champions League.

The Spain international has been offered between £350,000 and £375,000 per week to remain at Old Trafford.

De Gea’s done well to get a 110m contract.

Can now ship as many goals as he wants :grin:



Did I wake up in 2014?

Off the back of the worst season of his career, DDG is rewarded with a contract that will see him being paid £375,000 a week. Football, it’s a funny old game.

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I want them to sign him.
He’s often injured, he’s a one trick pony and he will be earning around 500k a week.
He will also be playing alongside some of the most disruptive players in the PL, Pogba and Sanchez and Solskjaer won’t be able to control them.

it will be chaotic but very entertaining to watch them sulking every time things don’t go their way.

I just want to say that there have been 4,256 posts in this thread since I last visited it. That is all.


Still 6th

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Are you going to read them all? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think they were 5th the last time I opened this thread, so they’re regressing! That’s good. :grin:

Absolutely not. I probably won’t read any of them. :innocent: