Manchester United thread

Yeah absolutely, I meant €200m net, and I’m sure they’re trying to off-load Bale, they just struggle to get him to move with him slightly injury prone and on very high wages, while Madrid can definitely afford to let him rot I kind of get the impression that Perez likes to get money back on players a lot. I’m guessing they’d ideally want to get rid of Bale and upgrade on Vazquez and I don’t think they’d just trust Asensio’s inconsistency on the right but would go for a top tier player on the right as well (like Mbappe or similar) if they can sell one/both of Pogba/Vazquez.

It’s not certain that Isco stays either even if Zidane is back, he’s awkward in the sense that he might not be good enough to start over the play makers they will sit with at the end of the summer, but he is too good to not be a starter which he would be at nearly every club below the top 5 ish in the world. They also have a serious amount of young players in a bunch of positions right now and keep signing more, so they might also have to send some players out on loans as well. They’re in a heavy rebuilding phase and just stack players and I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up with another marquee signing like Pogba or Mbappe or similar before the summer is over.

So many big name players are about to move this summer and as transfers are often dependent on other transfers I expect the flood gates to open after Copa and Afcon are both completed.


Talk to your boy please. Tell him how good Pogba is.

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Fucks sake, was hoping to trigger you while you were on holiday. Kindly take the bait next time please. Thanks.

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I wouldn’t be surprised by something like a Bale Pogba swap.

Bale still has a reputation in England, and I’d guess by similar logic Pogba still has a reputation outside of England? United have no real transfer strategy either so would probably find room for him for some reason.

They’re two players who are “worth” a lot but I can’t really see anybody buying them. It would be the easiest way to shift Bale for Madrid, and the easiest way to find a “buyer” for Pogba. Even if Pogba isn’t necessarily what Madrid need or want, I think he’s a lesser headache than Bale for them right now.

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yeah I had something similar going in that post that was already so long up there, trades are so rare in reality but this could be one of the cases where it happens. RM could also get even more aggressive and try for Momo or something, wouldn’t surprise me either.



I don’t get the funny bit?

Because its pre season and people expect to see footage of players hard at work, and they’re showing footage of him on an exercise bike with his arms folded, yawning away.

Its pretty obvious what the joke is lol


all I saw was Rashford talking to some guy, didn’t see any bikes