Manchester United thread

Actually there’s news about this all over the place. I hadn’t looked it up in a while.

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It looks like all those brown paper envelopes stashed full of cash that Man City and PSG sent to UEFA have worked.
I wonder how this will affect Chelsea and will their transfer ban still be upheld.

Football failed again then. Just doesnt have the balls to sort itself out. Powers that be will tell you the games bigger than ever in terms of popularity. Truth is the games never been smaller. About a dozen teams in europe all anybody ever talks about and the game revolves around them. Really is no relevance to a sport with no integrity to it.

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It’s not the UEFA one, it’s the stupid Premier League only one.

This’ll affect Arsenal more than anyone else, as we’re the only club who’ve ever used it as an excuse for why we aren’t signing players.


Is Maguire even half the talent Rio was though?

No but his head is twice the size Rios is. You have to stump up for these things.

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No he’s not, Rio was an absolute supreme defender.


I always thought Rio was overrated. Good defender but a bumbling idiot, too.

Sol and John terry were better.

Jomathan Woodgate had the potential to be better than all three had he been born with hamstrings

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I wouldnt touch a single player with this fucker as an agent, his players are on the move every damn season, moneygrabbing fat whorebag!

If only that were true…

Apart from the one that matters :xhaka: the one we are fucking lumbered with! Mind you if he had 1 good season (which is incredibly doubtful) you watch him whore him out to another club.

This is just EPL FFP, right?


Bet Palace are kicking themselves that they didn’t wait until Pogba’s sale goes through. They could have squeezed even more money out of Old Ed.

Question is who he’ll go to? Who can afford him, surely they’ll charge £100m or more… is it RM or PSG? RM have already spent £200m or so… PSG on the other hand just lost Rabiot. Or is there any other club that would pay for him?

He has 2 years left on his deal and he evidently won’t be signing another one so United should probably cash in on him whilst they can still command £100m for his services.

The Pogba - United synergy has proven to be a failure. Both have a better future by going separate ways imo

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Also because that’s a lot of money for someone who isn’t half as good as he thinks he is.


Already got €100 million back too and they still want to sell Bale and those guys.