Manchester United thread

Good to see they’ll still be clueless then


Not really sure how to take this. Could agree with Football365 and say they’re failing and bad at selling, but on the other hand they are (were) a top club so they haven’t needed to sell/get rid of their top players until they’re past it meaning it’s hard to make a profit on them

Wait what…? Milinkovic-Savic played for Man Utd?!

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That’s what I thought, so I looked it up. It’s not the one who plays for Lazio. It’s a goalkeeper who is currently at Torino.

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It was his brother who’s an average goalkeeper

Failing as a business is nowhere near accurate. Not operating optimally perhaps.


Failing as a business :joy:

United is a great example of why spending isn’t everything. That’s why it’s stupid to measure “ambition” by how much money you spend or how many “marquee” players you sign

Their club is adrift

You have to have the right executives and manager in place


Massive spending doesn’t guarantee success.
But not spending and persisting with the same players definitely won’t achieve any success.

If you’re going to fail, I would rather do it with some marquee players thrown in, than watching the same dross under performing every game.

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United though have the marquee dross under performing.

That’s true but at least they change their marquee dross and managers fairly frequently, which makes it more bearable and less boring every season.

They are clearly in a mess but it’s a watchable mess and more interesting. :grinning:

Fucking lies…i would rather watch paint dry than watch manu they are fucking terrible to watch at the moment!

Not if you’re an Arsenal supporter they’re not. :wink:

I get what @InvincibleDB10 is saying, although united have been woeful lately, they’ll continue to be ambitious, at some point in time they’ll get it right and they’ll win a league title before we next do.

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Such an insufferable bellend

Hate the cunt

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Celebrating his well deserved pay rise after a stellar season

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He is a special type of retard isnt he!

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What was that?