Manchester United thread


Come on sham you must see why he’s annoyed?

Their best player last year and he has an AM9 brand and they take his number off him for some older player who will give them two seasons max without even asking.


Personally I think you should earn a number with either what you have done in your past or at the club. Otherwise you end up with complete frauds poisoning the legacy of a no. like 14.

On the otherhand my OCD plays a huge part in the issue and it absolutely destroys my life that Cech isn’t our no. 1.


Ha I can see Cech getting #1 this season. He picked 33 because Woj had the number 1 and Cech was 33


I know why he did it but it still destroys my life. If i saw Wojciech on the streets of Italy I’d literally murder him just so all would be right in the world.

I mean what the absolute fuck, your keeper on loan has to have the no.1 and you sign an absolute great and give him 33 because its the number of bones in the arse or some shit. Kills me man.


It was a failed attempt at humour, it’s obviously an awful analogy lol

I did mean the bit about having the right to be a bit miffed though. It’s a bit disrespectful to just take his number off him without even telling him. Lots of footballers care about their shirt number, even down to the level of my old school/Sunday league teams. They’re status symbols basically.


Coq should have given Xhaka 34, I mean who would even want a stupid ass number like that.


Coq showed the importance of standing your ground. You don’t stroll in here with your fancy haircut and steal my fucking number. To let Xhaka have his way sets a tone, like he’s more important. Coq be like, you’re the new guy, pick your own fucking number.

Zlatan could have had #34 though.


Jesus Christ what the fuck are you guys even on about anymore


Bunch of grown ups being pissy about numbers.


If Martial isn’t happy about the presence of Ibra, I wish him to not fight with Zlatan because he risks to be knocked out before to understand what happened around him.



Zlatan is doing what he does…


Fuck them weve got Giroud…well in a month or so anyway we will.


Mourinho is just the worst.

Already training with the kids, he has been told by Jose Mourinho to clear out his locker and relocate down the corridor to change alongside the secondary group.


That didn’t take too long. Well Mourinho won’t be long for this world at United, he’ll be gone soon enough.


Cunt managing cunts gonna be a cunt.



He wonders why he lost the dressing room at Chelsea.

I wonder what Man U supporters think of him.


Schweinsteiger doesn’t deserve to be treated in this way. Mourinho barely respects a great player.


They will revolt pretty quickly.


United fans won’t be arsed they love the cunt now he’s working for them. When LvG did it to RvP though the was uproar.