Manchester United thread


Yeah but as long as we get the result, I’ll be happy. If it helps us finish above them, then come the end of the season they won’t be able to act like they’re the greatest side to ever step on a fucking pitch. Fucking cunts.


Said it when they appointed him but OGS at United makes sense. He has the philosophy that suits the club and I honestly believe he’ll be a success there.

With wins over PSG, Spurs and Arsenal during his short reign and also helping to elevate United back into contention for a top 4 spot - the results speak for themselves.


I think many people assumed that he was just a “feel good” manager, a guy who would do a good job motivating the players until the end of the season.

What’s become clear is that he’s actually a good tactical manager as well; he clearly knows what he’s doing and that’s a real shame…


Rest of post redundant.


For sure. The media just can’t wait to give us sticks. They fucking hate us.


Need to perform more on field and that’ll shut the media up.


Bollocks. Even when we play well the media give us sticks. Fucking cunts.


We haven’t gotten over 80 points in a season for 11 years, so we wouldn’t really know if they’d give us stick or not.

We also haven’t got to the last 8 in the Champions for 9 years, so again we really wouldn’t know.


14 wins 2 draws 1 loss.

I mean. His record so far speaks for itself. And wins agains no mugs either.

Can’t blame the media here to be enthusiastic about an English club progressing.


I’ve called it Sunday already.

However that team last night was not full of kids

But looking at that PSG team on paper they had no right winning that last night.


They would be fucking if the same thing happened to Arsenal.


I guess the most frustrating thing about them and a result like this is that it doesn’t matter who the manager is I could never see us pulling out a performance like that and we’d accept being the under dogs and getting a pasting.



After what happened on Saturday and what happened yesterday, it begs the question as to whether we’re an inherently “unlucky” side.

I say that and it sounds ridiculous after 1989 and all that but I can’t remember us scoring a “big” late goal in a European game or PL game for years. Henry v Manchester United? To put it into context, that was over 12 years ago. There was arguably Wigan and Hull in the cup run in 2014.

If you consider the way Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea have won the CL in the past (withstanding onslaughts, under the cosh, scoring late goals, comebacks, winning on penalties)- something tells me we’re incapable of that


1979, 1993 cup final and 1989 ieague title says your wrong. We have just been mentally week for a decade and crap in europe under Wenger even when we where good.


The atmosphere at United is very cut-throat, which breeds a winning mentality at the expense of more humane, empathic qualities. For a very long time Wenger bred a culture cored with values of socialism and comradry which kills the competitive spirit and desire to be the best at all costs.


Unlucky or weak mentality?


It’s strange that this Man U side was assembled by Mourinho yet it’s Solskjaer that has got them playing to their potential.

It’s weird because I can’t remember actually not disliking them before and they used to be the team I despised the most.

I’ll certainly be cheering them on when they play spurs in the CL.


Yep, we are just a bunch of unlucky fuckers.


Nah, fuck both those teams man.


Can’t have Spurs in a Champions League semi-final so I’ll be fully behind United if they do meet each other in the next round