Manchester United thread




I will. Very confident we will beat the shite out of them. Especially if we play like we did last saturday.




Sorry mate, but you just can’t beat their luck. Better not have high expectations.


i sometimes reckon that manu could put out their under 18s and still manage to beat us 3-1 or some shit like that. It doesnt seem to matter how well we are playing and how poor they are we always seem to get dicked.


If we show up like wild warriors they can have all the luck they want, it wont be enough to stop KING UNAI and his soldiers of destruction !


Let’s hope so, but i am not confident. Even when they are crap, they always find a way to get out of it.


If todays match were to be played 100 times. PSG would probably end up with 90 wins out of 100.


Sign of a good team that.


Ok, like you want. I am even fed up with people supporting the other teams.


My team play tomorrow mate. I hope its not the spuds or city but the rest dont bother me.


I meant that you are giving our opponents too much credits. They are just lucky.


Sometimes but not always mate. They have a great squad when fit.


Even fucking Lakaku is running riot lately, fuck this United turnaround is so unbearable.


What I hate is the media all cumming themselves over this. I pretty much guarantee if it was us that did this it would read ‘lacklustre PSG punished by arsenal’ they would spin it that the other team had a bad bad day and we were very very lucky. Meanwhile for Manu OGS is some sorta demi God and Manu have the spirit of the champions in them…makes me sick.


If it was us we’d have lost the first leg 3-1 at home and won the return leg 0-2 and gone out on the away goals rule.


Or both 5 1.


Glorious failure :hipster:


I would love it if we could end this fucking wankfest over Solskjaer and United this weekend. I want it more than I wanted the derby win tbh

I fucking hate this club. Can’t stand them.


Won’t happen even if we destroyed them it will be ‘well what did you expect Manu have so many injuries against a resurgent arsenal at their home ogs has done a fantastic job’