Manchester United thread


Cmon United beat lolpool this weekend pleassseeee. Having said that any time I’m pulling for a side to win, who I happen to despise, they always fail me. Good for nothing cunts, so all u lolpool stans be prepared to be singing ynwa this weekend.


So you don’t want us to get top four? :thinking:


I don’t understand why any Arsenal fan would want United to win :confused::confused::confused::confused:


Is there a way for them both to lose? Some kind of crowd trouble that sees them both deducted points maybe? That’ll do nicely :+1:


I don’t understand why we are are wanting united to beat Liverpool an let spurs be closer to being top.


Yeah and I also want to beat them at the Emirates which will also result in us being top 4.


If Liverpool win it might slow down Man U enough for us to keep up with them and it will mean spurs won’t be any closer to the top.

It might also mean that, if Man U do start falling behind their rivals, their board might realise that Solskjaer isn’t the manager they want and will go all out to get Pochettino.


Arsenal fans are more obsessed with Liverpool not winning the league than what we’re doing ourselves that’s why.


Not this fan.

In this context, as long as it’s not the Spuds, I don’t care who takes the league. It’s going to be Liverpool or City anyway.

Our prime hope is for United and the Chavs to falter, and for us to not blow what should be solid wins to get us top four.



If the banter of ‘Liverpool & Tottenham not being able to win the PL’ continues, I am all for Arsenal missing another year of CL, which we will anyway


With all the scumbags we shipped over to youse in the C18 how is there not more of an unescapable Liverpool presence that makes you want to kill yourself every time they win a game?


Hahahahaha yeah Liverpool probably is the most popular team in Australia.


Interesting. I see the odd United shirt and Arsenal shirt around here, even the very occasional Chav. Never seen a Spud, though. And I did happen upon a gobby fucker in a Newcastle shirt in a bar one night.


Borkobotswana or whatshisname was a spud




I realized you weren’t talking about the forum :joy:


Yeah, I was responding to Aussie from a Canadian viewpoint. Cheers.


Yeah in Aus it’s Liverpool, then united, then Arsenal/ Chelsea on about par, city are making a move with the younger generation, will be interesting to see how popular they’re in 10-15 years.


As usual, in a game of such monstrous cuntitude, I’ll be rooting for the same thing I always do:


Good result at Palace for them and showed the strength of the squad. Thing is where pulling one another along nicely here and spuds are the lone runner getting reigned in.
They for me are to strong to miss out but we now could really benefit and cash in on spurs to now.