Manchester United thread


Well done


Actual lol’d at that :joy::joy:


A goal can on its own win a team three points, a save can’t.


Because at the end of the day they are least talented footballers on the pitch.

We have grown to sugarcoat the truth that technical capability much like the pitch, grows up the lineup, with attacking players being the most talented bunch.

Series of mediocre attacking players and truly horrendous defenders have made us overvalue defenders and goalkeepers


The other value in a good keeper thats overlooked is the fact they can play to an older age physically and mentally in the modern age.


I agree.
Not many teams have won the PL title with rubbish GK’s.
A poor GK, that can’t organise the defensive properly in front of him for set pieces, doesn’t install confidence in those players.

A good GK, that plays with confidence and authority, is what every top club should have.

If you look at the importance Ferguson used to attach to having a top experienced GK, this is one of the reasons that made them so successful.

Look at the difference Alisson has made to Liverpool, or how many points De Gea has gained for
Man U, and then look at the difference between when we were successful, when we had Seaman and Lehman, to when Wenger decided that cheap was the best way to go and points were thrown away because of mistakes by the GK.


Herrera’s post match interview was refreshing tbh. Most of the time footballers just say generic shit. Not seen footballers offer an analysis of their teams performance like that very often.


Ironically, our 'keeper was the weak link last time we won the league!

He only came.good the season after


You’re off your tits mate. Mad Jens was fucking on it from day one.


Wins at Tottenham, Arsenal & Chelsea OGS.


That Pogba lad with another massive performance. Really turning on the style now he’s a world class midfielder and I always knew he’d come good under any manager that didn’t stifle him like Jose.


Hmmm. Not truly world class, I’d say.


Where was he against PSG doeee

Arguably biggest game of the season at home and he got played off the park by barely fit Verratti and Marquinhos

Very few players do as little as him and get lauded as much, very telling.


Yeah deserves credit for them results now. More than a bounce factor about them.


I think you could take any world class talent and pick at their records in big games as they tend to be tighter fixtures in general anyway. I’m not defending Pogba too much because there’s room to improve. Pogba is a mercurial talent and will emerge as the very best midfielder in world football over the next few years. He possesses the perfect blend of technical ability, intelligence and physical attributes.

Top talent for Juventus and is now showing his worth at United.

There’s no shame in falling short in a big game bro. It happens to every player and that doesn’t negate the overall consistency he’s shown since arriving. He’ll shine in bigger fixtures to come. He’s contributing to a goal every 68 minutes which is frankly ridiculous for a CM.

I’m confident I’ll prove you wrong on this one haha.


He also had a very good match and really is a quality player id love here.


Haha we will see, I don’t think you will.

Half a season doesn’t paper over the cracks of two and a half seasons of inconsistency and unjustified hype.

Best CM in world football in the next few years? Don’t see it.


Fair play to OGS. It wasn’t easy to pick the team up after that horrible performance against P.S.G.
Giving him a full season in charge is still too much too ask though, imo.


Chelsea are an utter shambles lately. So didn’t surprise in the slightest that United won.

They won me 135 euros. :man_dancing:t2:


Makes me wonder who I want to win the Man Utd v Liverpool game at the weekend. Liverpool have the ability to tear these apart like a mongrel on a rag doll. However, they win at Old Trafford and the league is theirs :sob:

Ah, fck it. I’ll just try and stream our game which is on at the same time