Manchester United thread


We paid Wenger 17M we can’t laugh lol


Oh yeah lol


Crying about manager pay off while advocating spending 70m on goalkeeper & defenders.

Football fans smh

Pay a proportionate ticket prices and then have the audacity to cry about money.




What was better value for money? 17 million to fuck Wenger off or 20 for Mou?


clearly paying £20m to send Mou packing since it has no impact on their spending whatsoever while for our board, paying £17m to ship Wenger means £20m less in transfers next summer, just to make sure lol


Mou for sure. They were going nowhere fast and now are perhaps favorites again for top 4. That is worth 15 million at least I think.


How much money has Jose received from payouts in his life ? :joy:


In what sense? Wenger cost less than 1m a year of his time here.


Martial and Lingard missing Chelsea and Liverpool games :eyes::eyes:


Oh oh oh! :henry2:


I think maybe it wouldnt matter too much with chavski because they are playing like idiots at the moment and probably would drop points not matter what manu squad is used against them but liverpool will want to destroy them and probably give it a damn good go and i reckon will beat them even if they dont give them anal trauma.


Lingard is only really effective vs Arsenal, yes Martial is a huge loss.


He only scores against us doesn’t he?! Then does a stupid dance the massive fucking spanner


Spanners especially massive ones are kinda useful tools…this guy is just a tool, and one that is annoying.


rumours going that De Gea will get offered over £350k/w in a new contract.

Bonkers for a GK but he saves them… all? the points each season and you’d have to pay anyone of his quality properly to stay at that footballer’s graveyard I guess?


If Ozil can bag 350K a week DDG can too.

His consistency is insane, he deserves every penny.


Clearly Mou because united have markedly improved. Meanwhile our defense is actually worse without Wenger and our sole attacking outlet is our LB :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah our 17 million was largely wasted due to the fact we replaced Wenger with the Basque David Moyes.


I feel like goalkeepers are often under appreciated. It’s the only specialist position on the pitch – but also an under-loved one. Only one GK has ever won the ballon d’or for example (not that I put much stock in individual awards, but still).

A save is worth as much as a goal, so if you have a keeper of DDG’s quality who often single handedly (literally) earns his team 3 points then I see no reason why he should be regarded as less important than the likes of Pogba and Sanchez.