Manchester United thread


For me it’s:

Cesc, Santi, RVP, Ozil, Alexis. In order.


RVP / CESC. If we had the funds and a tactically more apt manager at the time, we could have won the league again I truly believe. Then Alexis, Ozil, Santi.


Fabregas easily for me. Both had moments of brilliance but Cesc ran the whole midfield and was a teamplayer where as Alexis was selfish and braindead

I’d personally rate Santi over Alexis


RVP, Sanchez, Cesc only 3 players to excite me on a regular basis. The rest either injury prone or not consisted enough to match the players the decade before.
Sagna been my favourite defender in this era.


Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal
Santi, Cesc, Ozil
???, RVP, Sanchez

We can’t even complete best XI for Emirate Era. Real Shame.


put gervinho there :giroud:


Hleb easily, but the ??? goes to LB.


Arshavin saleha


Alex Grimaldo. :bellend:


By that logic Ramsey should also be up there then?


Please allow Rosicky to take that spot :pray:t3:


A fully fit Tommy R wouldve got into the Invincibles team. Fck Fabregas


Probably my second favorite player of the Arsenal era, the lad was such a character and such a baller to boot.


All of this.

Cesc was a 17 year old kid who broke in the team and within a few years a side that could challenge for the title had been built around him. It’s criminal that we didn’t add that extra player or two we needed when he was at his peak…


I’d have those three as well.
But Ozil, when he is in form, is as good as anyone.

When you look at a list of the best players since we’ve been at the Emirates, nearly all of them are injury prone players, apart from Sanchez.


For me RVP, Alexis, Cesc are the only ones to really get me off my seat. Still think that last season from RVP was the best I’ve seen from a Arsenal player since the Emirates move. He was fantastic that season, I don’t think he got near it even when he went to Utd. Same with Cesc, won stuff elsewhere but hasn’t anywhere as great as he was at Arsenal. Same could be said soon of Alexis who’s taken the biggest fall.

Ozil for me hasn’t done it, I’m flabbergasted at how much some of our fanbase adore him. You swear he was the second coming of Bergkamp. I enjoyed glimpses of Nasri, Song, Giroud, Ramsey, Wilshire even Giroud. That’s all comes to mind.


No love for Santi? :santi:

I think he was criminally overlooked. If he stayed healthy he could have been the third world class player to start alongside Ozil and Alexis. Wenger was slowly (very slowly) putting pieces in place and when Cazorla kept getting hurt we were left scrambling and never really filled that spot. We still haevn’t filled that spot.


Yeah like the 14/15 first leg vs Monaco :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Ah Forget Santi, shame on me. Santi for a few years was a gem of a player. Really underrated, just by my own post not mentioning him. We really missed him when he went down with that injury that nearly ended his career. Constant top performer and someone if he was a few years younger and wasn’t injury prone would be a perfect fit for Emery.

Definitely add him to the three players I mentioned.


What’s a situation lol.

Mous early career got him the success and now he’s just making sure he gets paid whenever he fucks up a club’s shit :poldi: