Manchester United thread


The truth is Alexis was a liability in the CL. Giroud has more meaningful contributions


We havent had any meaningful contributions in the CL for years period. Lets just end that delusion. We have simply been nothing more than an also ran for years now.


Alexis’ individual contribution to our big CL matches was non existent. Stop making excuses for the guy, you know full well its possible to have an positive impact as an individual even with losses. Even in our decent CL team performances he was pants


Yeah hes part of a fail but its one hell of an individual that is the difference between 10 2 and 8 1 aggregate scores round on his own.


Even his coordination has gone,he genuinely looks like a 35yr old Championship player out there.

He reminds me of myself back in the day when i would go play indoor after a good drinking session the night before, when your brain is a second behind everyone else and nothing goes right for you at all.

Absolutely horrendous, the idea that Martial’s development was impeded by this lemon is so frustrating.

“This lemon” :laughing:


He can always enjoy himself with his dogs :henry2:


Alexis was one of our best players. I find it amusing he is failing at United, but before he joined them he was one of the best in the league.


Wenger took, handled and dumped this guy with magnificent precision. A good winger turned into what many had as a top 10 player in the world in 2016 and then when him and his shit dogs got hubris and wanted salaries we couldn’t pay but stopped working for it he dumped him and made him United’s problem instead. And that piano clip :rofl:


I am flabbergasted to read some of the responses here, for me Alexis was the most exciting player to watch in the squad, hell, in the whole league for a good 3 seasons. I regard him as clearly in the top-3 Arsenal players of the decade.

How people (Arsenal fans nonetheless) forget that so quickly is beyond me. To say that Giroud had bigger contributions is bollocks, he scored almost as many goals as Giroud in 2/3 of game time, and playing on the wing. He was the shinning star in our squad, along with Oezil. To anyone who denies that, I think we’ve been watching different teams.


I’m fairly certain it was not about salary. He was desperate to leave Arsenal, at any salary. I think Wenger would have given him the 300k he gave Oezil. Remember he almost went to City for 60m, before Wenger cancelled the deal due to not finding a replacement. Wenger clearly valued him as one of his best players at the time, and would have offered him a big contract if he wanted it. Nevermind that City wasn’t offering a huge wage increase, it was around 200k IIRC, and Sanchez was keen to go.

The fact that United came in for him and offered him a huge raise, that’s incidental.


Interesting to see fan boys have selective comprehension skills. Giroud has more meaningful contribution (which isn’t alot at that) than Alexis in the CL.

No one said anything about the league. His flaws at United are not surprising to anybody with an objective eye because they were always on full display at Arsenal


We’re all biased here (you included), our memories are affected by our affections. You remember things that confirm your mental models and biases a lot better than things that go against your position. (i can cite a long list of studies and textbooks if you want on this subject).

That being said, I do remember at least a few games against Bayern where Giroud’s missing of a series of sitters have got us out of the UCL. And apart from his semi-regular headed goals, I don’t remember Giroud ever being extraordinary in big games. Probably things are similar with Alexis. Every player has bad games.

LE: Looking at his stats, his record in the UCL for Arsenal is nothing to be sneered at:ánchez
Roughly on goal every 2-3 games, even more assists.


:joy: why do i feel this part belongs on reddit? Oh right it unnecessarily contrived and obnoxious

What did he ever do in the big CL ties? ie the meaningful games?


Truth is Alexis carried us in quite a lot of games. When we looked flat, he would come up good and win it for us. He had his downfalls too like holding the ball far too long, but he could get away with it because the rest of the team were useless.

My biggest regret is Wenger not giving Ozil and Sanchez a third world class player to play with for that much needed trio. Every team has that trio of players they can rely on, but we relied on Sanchez as a match winner and Ozil for assists.


We couldn’t extend with Özil and give him 300k if we gave it to Sanchez I’m sure, remember Özil had almost run his contract down when he re-signed for us. I do think the board could’ve made it work had Sanchez not started being shit at football right about that time though, but at the level he was at no we couldn’t afford him (and Özil) I think.


In the Emirates Era he is our best player for me


Not Rvp? I suppose Rvp was a turncoat cunt who left for United so that takes him down a few points… Oh wait nevermind.


RvP and Fabregas very close behind. Sanchez scored in two FA Cup semi finals and finals winning them both times. For that he’s ahead of them two imo


It’s definitely Cesc for me the music died the day he left. Still breaks my heart to think of what could have been and I’ll probably forever hold a grudge towards Wenger for being too proud to bring him back, especially when Cesc went on to have a relatively impressive career in the EPL with Chelsea.


Yeah it wasn’t a winner mentality he was just a selfish player who wanted all the glory for himself. And he was a petulant loner and Arsenal fans bought into his “winning mentality” act when the reality is he was just a sulky bitch.