Manchester United thread


Honeymoon over. Good riddance cunts.


Beginning of the end now hopefully



They will get showed up agaisnt the real top teams like City and Liverpool and agaisnt PSG but I still think they get top 4 ahead of us, even when they play meh they still beat the lower teams and I think they could easily do us and Chelsea over with that side. Don’t be surprised if their unbeaten run continues in the PL. Don’t write them off just yet imo.


Was trying to wind up a few united mates into saying Ole out. Having none of it, they love the guy.


My, my how the mighty have fallen.


Ashley Young is like Bruce Bowen (retired San Antonio Spurs player) in the NBA, dirty defensive specialist.


“NASA have confirmed all United fans have returned to earth safely.” This comment made my day!




Please go on Redcafe and entertain yourself with the Alexis Sanches thread. The piano hype is well and truly over.


How did Ashley Young not get even a yellow card for shoving AdM like that? Obviously it looked way worse because he slid off the field into that fence but that was ridiculous.


We just run him into the ground and then sold him :poldi:


Did he come on to walk his dogs around the pitch instead? Vacant.


Shame we didn’t sell him for a substantial amount.


Well Ashley Young has speed as well as technique for one.
We tend to forget but before getting sidelined by United, Ashley Young was really playing as one of best players in the league. He was creative and intelligent with his decision making, couple that with great crossing ability.


Ferguson turned Young from diving winger into a bit of a dirty fullback.

Kind of the same with Antonio Valencia.


“Hope his exit video is of a piano falling on his head as he leaves Old Trafford”

Lol. RedCafe really don’t like this guy. I’m very happy to see him fail.


I’ve been waiting for the full exposure of this guy.

Still cant believe he conned so many Arsenal fans with this “winner mentality” BS


It’s one thing to enjoy his downfall. It’s another to pretend he wasn’t a good player for us


Posted decent numbers because Wenger enabled him massively in the tactical set up.

Never had a meaningful relationship with ozil and consistently went missing in the biggest CL ties. No one ever questions his lack performances in 15/16 either