Manchester United thread


Could see him getting a full season and giving them time to line up a bigger target. One thing he has and is doing is giving them their identity back and his PR work puts the club in a good light with players and fans and sponsors.
We need to monitor things their and implement some of this here because we are becoming less relevant by the week.


Well, based on their current form it is quite deserved. Don’t know in the long term though.


Good news. Hes just a fraud on a honeymoon period.


We have to hope… that squad has a couple snakes… will be interesting to see when they hit their first sustained wobble…


I’m not sure if we can definitively say that he isn’t a good manager. He’s almost had a perfect run so far and he’s got them playing very good football; I think it’s premature to celebrate his rumoured appointment from our perspective.


He might genuinely be the real deal, but i’m edging towards the opinion that whoever followed José would have achieved similar results.

That’s the thing with hiring a caretaker manager. If they do well, you’re under pressure to give them the gig full time even though you haven’t really seen enough to be able to determine if it’s the right thing to do or not.


wasnt he a manager for another team but was fucking terrible. I reckon he is not such a great manager but the squad is quite good by themselves and when they are happy will play well but the millisecond that the primadonnas do not have things their way they start being a bunch of shitbags again. I do not think he is doing anything special i think they are just playing well because they are content for the time being.


Yeah I tend to agree with this - the Mou situation was the perfect storm - very talented squad that had completely given up on the manager and were practically sleep-walking through the motions until he got sacked… Phoebica, you would have achieved better results in the 11 games since =)

Seriously though, hard to argue with his results so far, but sample size is still pretty damn low and taken in balance with his other experience and the perfect storm of Mou-calamity, I think the jury is still very much out on this lad. If I were ManU, I would have waited to see how the club handles their first big wobble and what happens then AT LEAST.


One other thing - I will say that their more swashbuckling style since Mou left is helping the case for Ole big time - could perhaps be under any manager, but people are seeing that Fergie magic return (they think) and are going over the top.


Tbf he hasnt been given the job though. Just an uneducated guess by the sun ffs. Got till the rest of the season to decide on this. So far though its helped and seems to have played a part in getting players signing new contracts. That going forward could end up being a very big contribution.


This. The whole atmosphere around that club seems to have been changed.

If Pochettino (I think Real will snap him up) isn’t available I’m not sure why you wouldn’t give it a chance.


Hopefully lose to P.S.G. and Liverpool in a row to start their collapse.


You want Liverpool to win a game? Never thought I’d see the day :giroud3:


Glad if this is true, obviously his record since taking over has been near flawless, but I think over an extended period United could do better than OGS.


Just against Manure for our Champions League hopes, then they can fuck off.


People sometimes underrate how much variance there is in football. United have been getting the better of it the last couple of games. You cant rely on DDG to safe ur ass all the time.


Arsenal went 22 unbeaten. Nothing is impossible.


You say that but they’ve literally being doing exactly this for 6 seasons now.


Fucking cocky scouser


It’s interesting how Ashley Young’s career turned out so well for him, when compared to Gabriel Agbonlahor. I remember Aston Villa’s better years when they had these two, Gareth Barry etc, they were almost challenging for the 4th place in the EPL about a decade ago.

I remember Agbonlahor being touted as a player of great potential, I think he was the fastest player in the premier league at some point, I quite liked him (I was middleschool at the time, and was the fastest sprinter in my class, so I tended to look up to the fastest players). And then, after Villa disintegrated, Young’s career skyrocketed with United, whilst Agbonlahor is currently without a club.