Manchester United thread


Hazard on Pogba’s level?

That’s quite frankly a joke, has Pogba won PFA player of the year whilst carrying his team to the PL title?


Oh I definitely don’t with Hazard. I think he’s been getting a free pass for years. Fuck that guy. I also can admit I’m a hater and think he’s overrated as hell.

I just think we haven’t really seen the Juventus version of Pogba and I’m not sure we ever will. That midfield of Pogba, Vidal and Pirlo was insane.


Hazard is better, more influential on his day no doubt. However, because of the sporadic good performances, I put them on the same strata if you like, as not truly world class


That’s your opinion, however, I don’t agree, he’s been playing with scrubs like Willian, Giroud and Morata. He’s only just got a high calibte striker in Higuain and yet he’s had a a very, very good season indeed.

Hazard is world class no question, Pogba wishes he was on a similar level.


Haven’t heard that word since I was taking an intro to geology class in college.


:joy: :rofl:


I agree on Hazard he should be doing it more consistently if he’s actually all that. He disappears far too often. When he disappears he’s a different player for entire SEASONS.


Cavani a big doubt for the first leg now. Ole Gunnar win it.


Mounier is out as well


Wasnt he the bad guy in The French Connection?


It’s 50/50 now. Manure can do it.


Remember when the draw was made and united were the team everyone wanted. Tbf @Phoebica posted at the time a lot could change by the time the ties came round. Fair play to her on that one.


Yeah I was adamant that PSG would wipe the floor with United but so much has changed, Jose got the arse and PSG have been racking up the injuries.

I now think that United may well progress in this tie :rage:.


Plus PSG are frauds in the CL they always bottle the knockouts


Home leg is first for these c’nts, no?

Part of me thinks PSG need to outright win the first leg to progress


Awesome! I was getting worried they might challenge next season :slight_smile:


Does that mean they prefer Solskjaer to Pochettino?

It’s these sort of decisions that keep getting them in a mess.


Who knows if true but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised with that muppet Woodward calling the shots.

They don’t seem to be learning from past mistakes, Solskjaer has done very well and perhaps exceeded expectations but there’s nothing to suggest he can be the person to take United to where they want to be. If they had their shit together they wouldn’t be in a rush, Solskjaer isn’t going anywhere or in huge demand.

It would be great to see him get the job, I don’t want Poch going there.


Just got to hope the fucker doesn’t win them the cl this season like di Matteo did ffs


It’s hard to argue with 10 wins out of 11 and 0 losses so far.