Manchester United thread


Let’s see what happens when they lose their first game under Solskjaer. They have had a free ride so far.


He’s managed wins at Tottenham & Arsenal, have to give him some credit.


Indeed deserves credit.

I thought him going there might end up in disaster given the shit show he put up in Cardiff, but he’s actually a good coach with a good reputation inside Norway given that Rosenborg pretty much are the 90’s version of United and have a fairly firm grip on the league and any players they want, outside he’s unproven so he has that. But also it shouldn’t be so surprising and anyone other than Mourinho could see what that team needed to rejuvenate itself.


True, but i want to see them reacting after a defeat.


Ole was always a good appointment and Cardiff should never have been held against him. If you don’t have the right players you’ll never be able to get them to play the way you want them to play and that’s what happened at Cardiff.

Let’s be honest at United all they needed was a manager who’d get them to be more progressive with the ball and not hamstring their best midfielder with loads of defensive duties. They transition the ball much quicker and that’s really all they needed. A team with players like Martial, Pogba, Rashford, Sanchez, Lukaku, Lingard and Mata was always going to be one that would achieve much more if they just attempted to play football.

Ole is a decent manager though and I can see him earning an additional year at United if his good work continues.


One thing I think stands out outside of the football is his PR spin so far. Obviously he knows the ciub from its golden era but there is a lot of natural charm omitting from him right now.
Probably a lot to do with being the opposite of any of the 3 people before him.
Whether he is the answer remains to be seen but I fancy they have turned a corner now and will be back amongst the trophies very soon.
Could even be a dark horse for the CL. Never know.


9 games under Ole. 8 wins 1 draw.

Mourinho was doing really bad.


I agree.
That’s why I wanted him to stay.
It was obvious what was going on at Man U was the same that had been going on at Chelsea.

But saying that, it’s also annoying that the players obviously weren’t trying with Mourinho and this situation happens at a lot of clubs when the manager loses the dressing room.
It must be frustrating to see players earning more than 200k a week that can’t be bothered just because they don’t get on with the manager.
They also have to look at themselves and take some responsibility.


About players not trying, I agree. It is infuriating.

Having said that, I wish Mou was still there, they’d be not winning 8 of 9 and far behind us instead of next to us…



Pogba is in last chance saloon with them, in my opinion. Even the slightest disagreement with Soljskaer and he’s out of the door. The Manchester United fans won’t have any patience with him this time


They’d be behind Wolves as well, if they hadn’t have sacked Mourinho. :wink:

I wanted Mourinho to stay until at least the end of the season.
The damage he could have done would have been amazing to watch.


Nah fuck that.

It was a sheer delight to watch Mourinho fail and be sacked like a clockwork.
I would take this temporary resurgence of United in return of Mourinho’s insult.


Wont be temporary though.


I rather see Mou sacked at the end of the season than now and United finishing above us.

8 out of 9. A bit too lengthy for a “temporary” resurgence.


Their run in is very difficult, if we have any hopes of top four it’s that Chelsea continue to implode and United get smashed in their run in.


Any coach would love to work with him… Mr Mourinho would disagree.


I love that Martial’s long term future and Fellaini’s binning happened within 6 weeks following the collapse of the Mourinho era. If he was still there these two outcomes could have been completely reversed :poldi:


I am actually sad about it. Was really enjoying United’s demise. :frowning:


Sky Sports News understands the new deal will see the France international earn £250,000 a week.

Seems like the new norm for top players.


I really can’t wait for this bubble to burst.