Manchester United thread


Newcastle looked the better side for large portions of the game. We shouldnt be worried about Ratchester tbh


Unless we stop shipping goals, they will comfortably finish above us by the end of the season.


Wait! They have beaten 4 average teams so far. Let’s see against Tottenham now.


So 5 average teams then? :henry2:


Sneaky scottish. Nice one :wink:


Horrible thundercunt of a man.


Ryan Giggs is a boring eyebrow less cunt


He’s a cunt and she’s a cunt. Pair of cunts.


Not to your own brother, grade A cunt


She’s absolutely reveling in it. You can see her smirking when shes talking about shagging Giggsy in clients houses.


This lot can come even points with us today if they beat the scum.

They sacked Mourinho way too soon :frowning:


Spurs will beat them.

I wouldn’t be bothered if Spurs do tbh. It’s not like we’re catching them.


Likewise mate. They won’t win the league anyway.


Be happier with a united win tbh.


Me too.
If spurs win they will be ten points ahead off us and our next game is against Chelsea and theirs is against Fulham.
This is how far our expectations have dropped.
We’re discussing if we would rather spurs drop points because it’s become embarrassing that they are so far ahead of us.

We’re stooping so low we are turning into spurs supporters.


I think they’d be better off sticking with OGS


if that happens i genuinely would be shocked and it would go to show that the people in charge have learned absolutely fuck all.

Imagine the fans reaction and also the players finally binning maureen to be replaced by him lolol more to the point imagine the banter going on from other fans


Not that I believe it but please appoint Southgate.

Pretty please with sugar on top.


Could see Southgate at spuds to try and appease the England contingent from leaving.


You think that would a make a shred of difference?

I think it would be essentially self sabotage, so naturally I’m all for it.