Manchester United thread


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:joy::joy: who are both mimicking



This guy :poldi: :arteta:


He better start performing then lol




:gabriel: That’s insane. It takes more than being “steeped in United tradition” to coach a team correctly.


Mark hughes at Manu hahaha that would be top banter, i think the fans would go apeshit. Imagine getting rid of Mourinho and the fans relief and then they get told they are getting Mark Hughes…i think the fans would storm the board and beat them to an inch of their lives.


Paul Ince said exactly the same thing. He was almost angry that Bruce hadn’t been appointed. Said if it was up to him he’d “appoint Bruce today. I could genuinely see him coming in on a caretaker basis, turning United around and being offered a full-time contract”. :arteta:


Pretty sure they wouldn’t be happy having a ex city manager in charge


Yer da


Not a conspiracy at this level. Alexis is autistic. No wonder Wenger had a soft spot for him.


GAME RAISING CUNTS!! Look they are winning now without Maureen.


Unfortunately we might have missed out on Martial, with mourinho gone he’ll probably sign a new contract.


Game raising cunts, beating relegation fodder with a £500m team. Unbelievable.


Thankfully, even if Solskjaer turns out to be a some brilliant wizard of a manager for 6 months, I think we’re too far ahead for them to catch us.


Or maybe they will be stupid enough to make him a manager full time. :arteta:


come on Ed, extent his contract :henry2:


First time they have scored five goals since Fergies last game in charge. Next three fixtures Huddersfield and Bournemouth at home Newcastle away. Wont lie im wary of them as its a good squad and their will be a positive bounce factor here.


They have plenty of top quality players to get a top four place.
The only thing holding them back was Mourinho, who, like at a few of his previous clubs, had lost the dressing room.

There is no reason they can’t be considered rivals for a CL place.