Manchester United thread


Firminhio shouldnt be in the discussion for best striker at Liverpool tbh.


Kane continues to add more to his game but the same can be said for Aguero, he’s definitely improved his all round play under Pep and is probably a better striker now.

Those two lead the pack IMO and yeah like you said Firminio can never be in that kind of discussion. I like him and he’s doing an admirable job as a false #9 but he won’t have many seasons like last season, he’s actually a #10.


Firmino plays more as a CAM indeed, but then there is no out and out striker at Liverpool, as Salah and Mane are more wide players.

Aubameyang 10 goals - 17 shots on target. 131 minutes per goal.

Kane 9 goals - 27 (!) shots on target. 161 minutes per goal.

Kane playing in an arguably better squad to set him up than Auba at Arsenal.

Nah, Kane is not the best striker in the Premier League. I would personally not even put him in the Top 3 strikers of the EPL if we include attacking LW/RW players. Salah, Mane, Sterling would all be ahead of him then.


Can you guys get back to laughing at Mourinho?

Where are the memes boys?




Kane is having a slower season and is clearly fatigued because of the world cup and yet is still up there.

Can’t agree with your assessment of him at all, his record speaks for itself, it’s quite frankly insane let alone for someone of his age.


Can make a reasonable case for any of Kane/Auba/Aguero imo, though I definitely feel that Firmino doesn’t come into the discussion. In fact I think if you put any of the former 3 in Liverpool’s side they’d have a far greater claim for the higher honours.






Yeah, not buying it. Doubt Alexis can frame one sentence let alone three


Yeah probably fake but funny tho :joy:


The £505,000-a-week flop



He didn’t say that but the translation is roughly similar. What he actually said was:


Lets hope the banter continues ! Cant wait to batter these fuckers when they visit the emirates.


This might be what a lot of their highly paid, under performing players were waiting for.
There’s no reason why, under a different manager, players like Pogba, Sanchez, Martial, Mata, Rashford etc can’t start to perform at their real level.

It happened here, there’s no reason why it can’t happen at Man U.


Suprised those dogs still have their sphincter intact tbh


who said they have :henry2: :giroud:


This made me laugh more than it should have :grin:


This is a horrible joke to make, he’s just a human being and you have no idea how sad he might actually be in his real life away from football, perhaps his wife shagged his dad and that’s why he’s so sad. Dogs are much more loyal than people, dogs won’t shag your dad. But I guess you never stopped to consider that.