Manchester United thread


It’s so fantastic to see Mou fired after such a disastrous half a season. He plays awful soccer and is a huge bully. Hopefully he disappears to Qatar, China or the UAE. There was a rumor that MLS might make a run at him but I don’t know if the convoluted salary cap rules would work with his current methodology of throwing a shit ton of money at the problem and crying when he gets it wrong.


shut up yank, you know nothing


Why you mad? :arteta:


I see you must have missed a certain poster being rather disparaging to yanks/North Americans last night haha


It’s nothing personal, I’m just preaching THE TRUTH.


Clearly! Was enjoying last night of vacation. :kos2:



Wow… didn’t think they would have guts to do it now… a bit sad they didn’t torture themselves for longer… they could get back into top 4 convo with proper manager.


I am fairly certain Mourinho did this purposely.
He never wanted to stay long term. Apparently he is living in a hotel all this time while employed at United.


FFS didn’t expect that. :joy::joy: A bit gutted he’s left ngl haha



That would be a good appointment.

Not sure why he hasn’t bagged a decent job since leaving PSG



I’ve been saying since 2016 he’s the most logical apppintment for United


If the interest is genuine probably they give him a short term deal for what’s essentially an audition and see what he can do and affect he has on the team especially considering he has the French connection.


They should give it Giggsy ‘til the end of the season but it looks like Laurent will step in until they can poach Poch


They want Poch in the summer under a DoF

Only good thing about this is Spurs go back to their hole :joy::joy::joy:



I saw that earlier.

Hilarious from Neville, he doesn’t give a fuck.


Do people think Wenger would take the United job if offered and how would people feel about him if he did?