Manchester United thread


It’s a happy day for football. I mean it’s not nice celebrating a man losing his job, but this is not a pleasant man. I remember feeling this joyous when Frodo threw the one ring into the fires of Mount Doom, thus ending the dark lord Sauron, or when I first saw Emperor Palpatine fell down that giant hole. A great evil has been removed from the Premier League this day :+1:


Not happy at all. Now we will have to fend off United as they surely will improve their game post-Mourinho.


Fuck I wasn’t expecting that news this morning. Can’t fucking help but laugh at Jose :joy::joy::joy::joy:


They should just get Moyes back in until the end of the season. He still has 6 months left to run on his contract.


That is pretty funny.


Didn’t we think this post- Moyes and van Gaal too though?


lol apparently the caretaker will be Carrick :joy:


Jose is still the winner in this. He convinced United to draft a new contract in Jan, just a year & half since his first contract.

Now he gets a hefty payment. I don’t think he really wanted to stay.


I’m not laughing. I was enjoying the demise of Man Utd.


Yup, good chance the players will up their game to make Mourinho look bad.
Shaw will perhaps run 100kms per match from here on


Pogba uploaded then quickly deleted this…


The only benefit I see from this, is the possibility that Man Utd will poach Poch in the summer.


still received 67k likes?
Damn Internet


Arghh, That will bring United back on the map.
Let Real have him


Yeah, I think that’s why they’re so set on appointing an interim manager. They’re playing the waiting game. They have a good idea of who they want and know that a top manager who is doing a good job is unlikely to just walk away from that job in the middle of the season.

Whether Poch will want the job, however, is another question altogether. Real would surely be his preference if he was to walk away from Spurs.

Danny Mills was just on Sky Sports saying United should go for Southgate :thinking:


Well last season they were 2nd.


That really was only the immediate future.


My guess is United get a placeholder and go for Conte.

Big fear if he does go there


Time for Pauly to put up or shut up. He is nurturing into quite a nuisance, not many will put up with his shit.


I don’t see it, but maybe you’re right.

Then they’re gonna go all out for Poch me thinks.