Manchester United thread


There worst PL start in history.

Even worse than Moyes :arteta: :arteta:

Biggest gap between Liverpool and Manchester United in December for 46 years

:arteta: :arteta:


Feck these cunts.

Typical though that we couldn’t get the job done against them :confused:


You know you read redcafe too much when you say feck :wink:


Or watch too much Father Ted


No such thing.



“All the resistance of a poppadom catching a bowling ball” :laughing:


“SHIT” :laughing:


I wonder who Casillas is referring to :laughing:



Oh man, haven’t seen that guy’s Twitter in quite a while. He was the other half of the Beyond the Pitch podcast. Also came off as an arrogant cheesedick.

In any event, it’s great to watch a ManU game, see Lingard score and then still lose the game. He continues to confuse me. I’m still convinced he’s a lousy player but he pops up with a goal every now and then to make me question my own eyes.


On a serious note. I think Man Utd played well yesterday. Not aesthetically pleasing for sure but tactically they were great. Fact is, Liverpool got lucky in the second half after being on a pure rampage in the first but failed to capitalize.


Chances are when you have 36 shots and about 15 corners a couple of deflections will go your way though.


Kinda like us against United last year?


Don’t ever fucking mention that game again, that’s simply just a freak result on the balance of play.


Lucky? 36 shots. There are a few bound to go in by deflection then when the opponent has 10 players inside their own box. I think United got lucky that they didn’t get battered 6-0.

United were abysmal to watch. If I were a United fan I’d be livid that with a 1billion squad they were set up as a rich man’s Stoke.


Disagree. Regardless of the stats, Liverpool didn’t take advantage of hammering Man Utd like a nail in the first half. The fact that they ended 1-1 at HT was bad return imo. Funnily enough all that insane work producing ridiculously good football didn’t give then the win but two deflections did. That’s football for you. :joy:


36 shots and the deflections did.

They were really good. United were pisspoor and hard to watch. How you can accept that level of play from United and a one billion squad is beyond me.


I don’t understand what costing 1 billion has to do with this. I’ve said it countless times that Man Utd have a proper shit(in terms of balancing specifically) squad and Mourinho did the impossible getting them to 2nd last season. Buying crap for 1 mil. doesn’t make it gold.
Anyway, I’m talking about the game. The result could easily have been different, even being the other way around(Liverpool losing). I think Arsenal fans know best from these type of performances as it’s Arsenal 101. Completely dominate and somehow not score and lose.


Ah! Here we get to the point of your argument. You really think Mourinho is doing a good job with a shit squad? 2nd last season was good, but that squad remained largely the same and they should be pushing on for more than 2nd this season, instead they are lingering around 6th.

For you the squad is shit. For 99% of United supporters Mourinho is shit. It’s his third season and in typical Mourinho fashion it’s his worst.

It is Mourinho who turned that squad to shit. It is Mourinho who sets them up to play cowardly football. Play 10 players inside the box like a rich man’s Stoke against their arch-rivals.

It’s all Mourinho. And they were shit yesterday. A keeper howler also gave United a goal, don’t forget. Now that would be LUCKY to draw against a team that dominates you.

I listened to Mourinho’s presser last night and of course he said the same as you, that Liverpool scored two lucky deflections. Is that you Mou?

36 shots mate. 10 players in the box like a coward. Nothing good about his tactics or the way they were set up. It was atrocious as they have been atrocious to watch all season long. Did fuck all against Valencia too in the CL. They will crash and burn out of the CL soon and their league campaign is also going nowhere.

That is all on Mourinho and his “superb” “Tactics”.
You might want to read what the United fans think about their manager in general and the game last night in particular: - it’s going to be the opposite of what you just argued for.