Manchester United thread


Mourinho’s such an idiot.
He talks as if he can’t compete for the title because he doesn’t have the same transfer budget as Man City.
He wants to take a look at the PL table.
He isn’t competing for the PL title with Man City, he is just above mid table competing with clubs like Bournemouth, Watford and Brighton to finish in the top half.
He is deluded if he thinks he is anywhere near competing for the top of the PL.


He is the Trump of football at this point…


It was actually this club that ended our 49 unbeaten run with a 2-0 at Old Trafford. And they have been arrogant pricks ever since.

They will forever hold a close 2nd spot of resentment next to Spurs.

Wish them sustained mediocrity and a spanking by us next time we meet them at OT again.


Maureen is much much worse, don’t compare him to Wenger.

Wenger was delusional sometimes, but still behave like a gentleman.
Maureen? Don’t kid me… simply an asshole.


There’s nothing like a match at Old Trafford to remind you just how detestable this bunch of cunts are. Was trying to hold back on the screaming and abuse yesterday for the sake of the United women in my house, but Rojo, Fellaini, Herrera and Mourinho made it an impossible task lol


Hey hey hey, don’t insult our President :joy:


Explain to them calmly (so in a few days :sweat_smile: ) why they should reconsider their loyalty, that Mourinho is a delusional fool, Fellaini a hair puller, Rojo a leg breaker and Herrera just a twat.

I sincerely detest them almost as much as I detest the scum. Just because they are always game raising pricks against us and especially at OT. And lucky. Damn, are they lucky.


Fucking hell, he just about topped Scholes on that one. Bastard.


Thankfully, my girlfriend utterly detests Mourinho. I mean, not far off how much I do. And not just recently, hated him since Chelsea, hated his appointment and has continued since. Makes it very easy to love her and means I can say whatever the fuck I want about him haha


Fellaini has been at Man U for five years???

I’m struggling to think of a more average player who has spend that much time with such a big club. The only other name coming to mind is Ashley Young (signed for Man U in 2011).


Carl Jenkinson ?


I said average not bad.


According to the Sun, United are going to raid Sprrs for Pochettino in the summer.
Wonder if he goes if it’s true. Sprrs to United hardly feels like moving up the ladder in the current climate.


Think it’s still a big step up though just because of the sheer size of Manchester United. The pressure and expectation is multiplied by a thousand and I’m certain the club would back Pochettino with significant funds.


I remember we had a discussion on this board about cheering for the national team with players from rival teams. I get the underlying sentiment, but I’ll never get it if people would cheer for Lingard or Alli. Not even if they help England to a World Championship. These two are proper cunts.


Indeed. Spurs have reached their ceiling. There is really nothing he can do there that hasn’t been done in the past 4/5 years (except win a Cup). United is the sleeping giant.


I think he’s ready, he’s tailor made for them especially considering what he can do with young players. He’s a project guy and that’s what they need, it won’t be instant success with City and Liverpool now at the top.

I’m not overly convinced by Rashford, Martial is the superior talent and Poch could help make him devestating on a consistent basis.

Plus there’s the fact he’d get them actually playing cohesive football with patterns of play.

If Poch leaves I see him taking Eriksen with him, he’s a better player than Pogba.


Hated his guts since he did that cunt dance at the Emirates. Him and Pogba aint been dancing for a while now :shushing_face:


Rumour has it it was Mourinho who cut it.


They’ve now conceded more goals this season, than they did throughout the whole of last season :arteta: