Manchester United thread


Lol! Not good enough at parking the bus anymore.




I actually thought he may have had a good long stint with their chequebook and their relative loyalty to managers. After their second place I thought maybe they were building to going somewhere.

But now he’s completely lost the dressing room and the players aren’t playing for him and his tactics look outdated. The signings just haven’t been good enough either and he can’t motivate them.


United really need them both out at this stage. 1 player can’t be bigger than the manager even if that manager is Mourinho. Otherwise you get the situation like at Chelsea where the players kept getting managers sacked whenever they felt like it.


Post of the week, if not month. Nice one dude :poldi:


Feel like beating them would be a bigger statement than if we beat Spurs as weird as it sounds because they’re shit but it’s a place we rarely win at, so Emery winning at old Trafford in his 1st time would be big stuff. I’m confident we are beating that meme club :slightly_smiling_face:


Still 8th :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


They are not an ordinary dirty team… but a fucking dirty team that is assembled by a fucking asshole and a bunch of expensive bullies


That Rojo tackle on Torreira… jesus… just glad his legs are still intact.


Mourinho has now reached the stage that Wenger got to in his final years where everything he says after a match sounds like the ramblings of a delusional fool.

Today he kept repeating things like “Arsenal were playing for a draw and diving” and “Arsenal were in trouble and got lucky today”. Bullshit. Absolute nonsense. If anyone was winning that game it was us and much like he has before, De Gea saved their skins frequently.

Jose is well and truly in the twilight of his time in the Premier League.


Utd would be in freefall right now if not for DeGea !?


Been true about 5 years now…


Quite astonishing that he’s still there in a way.


Just quietly what is the weekly wage bill of the players that started on United’s bench last night ? :eyes:


Just wanted to say, for the record, that Jesse Lingard is a rat bastard cunt


Just like his manager then :grinning:


To me he is such a limited useless player, of course he needs to score a jammy cunt goal against us.



Mourinho: ”All the teams they got better, Spurs was the team that did not make a direct investment, but the best investment is to keep the top players that you have. So every team got better and we didn’t."

Daley Blind must have been a hell of a player that his absence is being felt by Mourinho so much


I wonder what Fred thinks when he hears that!