Manchester United thread


It’s at the very least a missfortunate choice


You never say that when white players are called shit or associated with shit emojis.



Someone like tinker man?

People overdramatize our failures and chances to win. Reality is going in every year against at least 4 other big clubs with 2-3 spending more means we are realistically what? A 1/6 or 1/10 bet most years. We needed to get out from Wenger first… next back in CL and get competitive in league then we can always win on an odd year.

Which managers are in the “freak” category anyway? Basically just Pep for me atm… then you have a tier of top guys that aren’t massively different in ability/results imho. Remains to be seen if Emery can be in that top tier below Pep, but at least I am hopeful rather than despondent about our perpetual purgatory.


Mourinho celebrating his 14th qualification to the knockout stage. Like it was something to celebrate in a such weak group (apart from Juventus).


If Simeone can win La Liga this year I’d have him in the freak category, big If I know, but 2 La Liga Titles and 2 CL finals over 5 or so years on Atletico’s budget would qualify him IMO.


Yeah I’d probably agree with you on him, but we are in the minority probably.



Reckon if Jose loses to Us lol, then proceeds to lose to Liverpool in a fortnight he’d get the arse ?


At least us bending over will keep him in the job a little longer.


Mourinho guaranteed a top 4 finish in his press conference a week ago and they proceeded to pick up 2 points from 2 games :arteta:


Too bad Soton capitulated so strangely during that patch, but a draw and taking points off of United is still great and it is wonderful to see Mourinho suffer.


Time to dig this out again :laughing: Different manager, same problems.


Keep repeating it? Aren’t you fed up?


Everyone knew Jose and United was going to be a slow motion car crash but it never gets old.

How Woodward has remained in his job this long is an absolute mystery, I’d say he’s the author of all of United’s misfortune. He deserves to be knighted.


Woodward would have been sacked at most big clubs. He’s rewarded United fans with 5 years of failure, 3 bad back to back managerial appointments and hundreds of millions wasted on players like Lukaku, Matic and so on.

Absolutely has to go. I can only imagine the commercial performance is the only reason he remains in the job.


I think, rather importantly for us, Mourinho is still in his job for the midweek game against us.

The whole “new manager” effect will galvanize them into beating us soundly. Having said that, we’ll probably lose to them anyway.

We’re so wrapped up in Tottenham that we’ve forgotten there’s yet another massive game on the horizon


Losing to this lot at home would certainly piss me off to no end.


At this stage Lukaku is better at creating memes than playing football.