Manchester United thread


Does no one else find this racist?


If they did I’d be very concerned


At least we’ll come above United, not that 5th or 6th makes any real difference, but still nice to finish above them.


Would you log off from the board for 1 week if we made the top 4? :smile:


Why should he haha.


Hahaha nah if we win a title I would. I’ll log off for 3 months if we win a league title @Luca_from_Italy, happy with that ?


“Oh good, 18 notifications. No, wait, it’s just Luca calling me a cunt 18 times”.


Why would you do that haha winning the league for the first time in what ever years it has been since 2004 when we next win it and you wouldn’t want to post about it?!


Seeing he would be proven wrong :wink: #justkidding :wink:


By the time we win a title again, OA might’ve already logged off forever by then :sweat_smile:


The only way I think we’ll win a title again is if we get one of the top line freak managers, we’d need someone pretty special at the helm to punch above our weight to do it. That is assuming Stan stays as our current owner and we don’t get someone more ambitious, but I can’t see Stan selling up.


AussieG is all about negativity. Fuck having to be positive and happy post league win, he rather take a break.




Oh here we go again


Well I think the fact you don’t find it racist kind of proves it probably is racist


Haha Touche

But no, based on context, the pic is referring to Lukaku as a shit player, rather than a shit race specimen


Given our results I’d say I’m more about realism, negativity would be predicting a team to finish lower than they actually finish.


Comparing a black man to a picture of a shit and saying it looks just like him. Does that make no one else a tad uncomfortable.


In the context of no racism in the world, that makes sense. Unfortunately that is not the case


Without any context whatsoever, sure. In this circumstance, no.