Manchester United thread


Mourinho gone Troy Deeney on his own players.

He’s a proper Mr Motivator character, isn’t he?


What a cunt! I’d kill a manager like him.


Young has big potential ? :gabriel:


Young as in age, not as in Ashley :wink:


All that proves is what we already know.
Mourinho doesn’t make players, he buys them.


Then rips them to shreds damages their morale and the team and club then takes a big cash pile and fucks off, cannot believe manu didnt see this shit happening it has happened enough before he went there. Fucking hell the chump is still living in a hotel, that doesnt show commitment to me.


He ruins them, tbh.


Aaah ok, makes better sense now !


Diplomatically its wrong but factually id agree with that. Most over used word in football for me potential. Potential gets used in one context only in the media as in a positive. People forget you can have the potential to fail also.


He still referred to Lingard as being young though. Sure, in the grand scheme of life he is young, but not so much in football. He’s almost 26, he’s older than the likes of Pogba and people don’t refer to Pog as “having potential”. Lingard must have the same disease as Walcott – Peter Pan itis.


This is an attitude problem though. He’s challenging those players to step up and play better. It’s not really that bad. People maybe buy too much into the ‘toxic’ claim.


It’s become fashionable to trash Jose’s ability to get the best out of players but if you speak to his Porto, Chelsea and Inter teams those guys did anything for him.

He hasn’t moved along with the times and there’s no shame in that. Every manager has their day and he is one of the all time greats. I’m enjoying seeing him fail now because of what a total cunt he is but I think some people trash him unnecessarily.


Was he really able to use such tactics to motivate players from his previous clubs?
Or perhaps he never had to with those teams.


I think it’s to do with him being the biggest spender in football and playing a boring, yet effective, style of football.
If he was likeable, with even a semblance of modesty, I’m sure most supporters wouldn’t dislike him so much.
But his lack of style and class, as well as goading and bullying of other managers, most notably Wenger, has made it a rather pleasant experience watching him fail at Man U, where he has spent almost more than any other manager in the PL and is struggling to get his own supporters to like him.

Without the spending, he would never have had the success he had at Chelsea, and he still played rubbish football.


Let’s all laugh at Manure :unai:



I can’t believe we’ve dropped so many points recently and can still go 6 ahead of them…

They really are just doing everything they can to be generous and give us 4th


They had a few good results and their fans had started getting hobby again

This result is a welcome crash back to reality :joy:


I think he thrived with a collection of veteran players who didn’t need a ton of motivation.


Lol what a result for Palace. Utd :joy::joy::joy: