Manchester United thread


They’re the only team in the top 10 with a negative goal difference :unai:


bus parking now is failing too, i dont think maureen is good at anything anymore apart from running his mouth and pissing everyone off.


Let’s not tease them. Man Utd got a lot of hard fixtures out the way. Mourinho is gonna go full out the next 6 months to make sure he is still Man Utd’s manager. They aren’t winning the league but I see them making a lot of ground onwards now and climbing at 4th.


and who said you can decide what is posted on here?


Just a warning. It’s not the first time they’ve turned their bad patch around and we were forced to eat our words.


:joy: nah we’ll post what we like


hardily a bad patch though is it, it has been seasons now they have been poor for the squad they have got.


Yeah, but they did have some bogus managers back then(sadly we almost always failed beating them in that state, missed opportunities). Mourinho is a filthy bastard that won’t quit so easily. I still don’t know how he pulled off second place with this joke of a structure that team has.


Which is exactly why we should enjoy them in their current state while we can. If/when they become good again, so sodding what?!


Fuck. That. Shit.


It is kinda stupid to pull out a stat like that from 1966 that actual highlights their dominance and then try and use it as a stick to beat them with :joy::joy:


1966? Wha?

I was just saying I absolutely will tease them because they’re a bunch of cunts.




Last season was the only season they’ve finished in front of since Fergie left. They have issues at that club in the way they play football, to the morale to the squad they’ve built. They’ve played the same number of top 6 team than we have and they have 4 points less.

Having said that Spurs and United in 3 days at the beggining of December will be a big test of our team



Oh lord

He looks Afghani now


His hair was the only interesting thing about him. Goodbye heading ability, may as well retire now.


Noo way bruv ! Might aswell stop watching football now.


“You want Chilli sauce with that?”


“no some garlic mayo”