Manchester United thread


That’s the thing he doesn’t even look like he’s put on good quality muscle. He looks fat


Looked like he was pushing on after his last season with Everton which was excellent but he’s not been up to par at United.

Will be interesting to see what he’d be like under another manager but what’s clear is that he isn’t in the same class as Kane who is undoubtedly a world class striker.

I don’t see why he has to play EVERY game considering his current form, Jose should drop him to the bench and play either Martial or Rashford up top for a change.



I guess his mother stopped putting water in the milk.


That’s just mean


Couldn’t believe it when I read this:

The last player to score a Premier League hattrick for Manchester United was Robin van Persie against Aston Villa on 22 April 2013.



That is a horrible stat and I am so glad to have read it.


This is a pretty baseless article…but there’s bound to be a bit of truth in what they’re outlining I would say.


mentioning Juventus and a free transfer of De Gea. Probably bullshit but even if it isnt that sums up juventus. Fucking cheap cunts they seem to do this a lot, wait and wait for people to run down their contracts and poach i also reckon they tell plays to do this and they get them for nothing. Something is up with that club with the calibre of players they get for little or nothing, once in blue moon fair enough but constantly i feel something is up with that, its underhanded and cunty behaviour.


Which players specifically are you thinking of?


There’s nothing wrong with this mav.


Pogba and Coman are 2 that come to mind, it just seems off to me that they seemingly get good talents at the time for nothing or for very little like Dybala for 28m just seems suspect how they seem to be getting these ‘bargains’ all the time and act like they are impoverished. They have a WC squad that cost them a pittance either someone behind the scenes is a brilliant wheeler dealer or they are a bunch of scummy fuckers.


Juventus are just very shrewd operators in the transfer market. They’ve rarely gotten it wrong over the last 7 years that’s for sure.


LOL :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I’ve never seen the FA appeal something before.

Mourinho is gonna be raging :joy: :joy: :joy::joy:


Now they just look stupid. Nothing new their then.


I can’t see it. Juve can’t compete with United when it comes to wages. Martial isn’t in as bigger demand as Alexis was 12 months ago. Alexis has been playing shit but his contract was dictated by his prior season when he was the best in the league. Both will sign on the dotted line and United will overpay but not pay Alexis style wages for either


FA claim he said “sons of a whore” while Mourinho brought his own expert in his defence, who said Mourinho said: “Fuck off you arseholes.”


It’s funny, but does seem like a pointless exercise on the FA’s part. Much like FIFA, their focus would be better spent elsewhere – maybe on the other side of Manchester.


It is gonna suit his “everyone is against me” narrative.


They’re there picking up gift bags all the time I’m sure.

Also hope Juve smash them tonight and I can celebrate with the juventini exchange students in my class tomorrow :smiley: