Manchester United thread


the thing is i can actually see Jose being able to handle 3 jumbo sausage rolls :henry2: i reckon he could be a jumbo sausage roll handling expert.


Jumbo sausage rolls cunt :hipster:


Mourinho in an interview implying that Juventus haver better players and spend what it takes too get the best.

He has clearly forgotten that he bought their best player, a couple of seasons ago, for a record fee,

He’s losing his memory as well as his dressing room.


Only City have spent more than them FFS! Same old excuse.





In a way you can say we replaced Sanchez with Aubameyang & Mkhitaryan


Except we sold Giroud and Walcott before getting Aubameyang :wink:.


Easy choice to make there, as much as I have respect for giroud, it’s an obvious decision. Walcott was there for five seasons too many.





His flaws are something he should be able to improve in training, especially his first touches.


Technique isn’t improving at his age

I remember when people used to wishlist him and I always said he didn’t have the technique to play good football at a top club. He’s a good box striker who works all day though but he’ll never be elite and will usually break up attacking moves


Technique won’t but you can work on your first touch and all.
Persie improved just right foot in his late 20s to an extent he could lob or dink the ball with it.


First touch is part of your football technique so your first sentence is a contradiction.


I still dont think it’s something that can’t be improved later in the career



He does look fat


Looking at all those misses, looks like he does the hard part well, and then misses the easy part. He is getting into the right positions to score goals but just not hitting the target which tells me he will start banging them in soon enough. But long may this barren spell continue cause anything that adds to Mourinho’s misery is always welcome.