Manchester United thread


There won’t be much attacking around her box at home :joy:


you are basically cock blocking urself


Just allow for us old people to understand a quick reply mate . We tend not to do anything till after midday



Could be getting Jardim now


Just a plaster over the bleeding wound.

Now it will go sceptic.

Go on Jose. Tell us who is shit over there this week.


Jardim is great at working with the youngsters. Doubt he would work with so many ego cunts at United.


Michael Carrick on how close he was to joining #AFC: "I was totally devastated as I had my heart set on Arsenal and playing with all that talent. My head was gone. Arsenal had swayed me and I didn’t have a clue what I’d do now."

— Chris Wheatley (@ChrisWheatley_) 10 oktober 2018

We could have had a pairing of Fabregas and Carrick…it sucks that Wenger thought it had to be one of the two.


Possibly the worst quiz I’ve ever seen. :see_no_evil:


Give it Giggseh till end of season (again) :joy:




As much as that delights me, why would you celebrate a draw at home to a struggling team, especially when you were a goal up at one point.


I think it’s more to do with the timing of the goal. If the equaliser had been scored in say the 80th minute then I doubt it would have garnered that response at the time or at the full time whistle. But a 96th minute equaliser can feel like a win. I’d celebrate in those circumstances, no matter the opposition.


I think we’re a bit more classy than that @Phoebica

We’ve scored last minute goals and, indeed, last minute equalisers against Manchester United. Never have we let celebrations on our touchline spill over our own technical area.


That wasn’t the point being raised though. Trion asked why you’d celebrate a draw, he didn’t mention the part about celebrating outside your technical area and laughing at the opposition. Obviously that bit is OTT. But in general I see absolutely nothing wrong with getting excited about a 96th minute equaliser.


Nah I did mean in the context of rubbing it in to your opponents.
I would totally celebrate a last minute redemption, but not to the extent of bragging in front of opponent



:joy: I stand corrected


Yesterday’s result is good for everyone because he still gives Mourinho time to completely destroy Manure.