Manchester United thread


Newcastle had one bloody job…


Finally a political reference from Jose :grin:


Rather annoying this ended with United scoring 3 times in the last 20 minutes including a Sanchez 90th minute winner.


And since the time Moyes has been sacked, we’ve won the FA Cup 3 times, Leicester City have won the league, Liverpool have reached a Champions League final and there have been 2 World Cups- all within Moyes’ projected tenure.

So much water under the bridge


He is such an ego cunt. You would really like to punch him in the face.


Oh, and Sanchez is a fat cunt. Cunt.


In a way I am glad they won it in a dramatic fashion.
Mourinho will remain for some time more. yay


How I’ve felt since his fist stint at Chelsea. The guy is just completely vacant of any class.


I’m actually warming to Alexis Sanchez a little you know. He’s been worse than dreadful for them since signing in January, but when it looks like the worst might happen, that the José fairytale will end, he kindly steps up and saves the man his job. Fair play.


Keep the poison in charge. Well-done, you cunt.



If United make the call he’s bum rushing the airport.


I wonder what the thinking is from his side, with the whole doesn’t interest him? I always feel when a player or managers say this its more because it’s too competitive, faster and more physical and that they are not upto the task of the Premier League. It IS the best league in the world. Why wouldn’t you want to dabble in it?


Seems he’s just trying to play the nice guy role even going as far as calling Jose to deny he’s hunting for his job.

“Oh United practically forced my hand into managing them”. Come off it Zizou


I genuinely don’t think Zizou would be interested in the United job. I think he has his sights set on Juventus or possibly PSG. And I’d understand why too - better squads and better run clubs.


United are making changes though with a DOF soon to be appointed.

They’ve fallen off of their perch but it’s a bigger job than both of those, if he doesn’t want a challenge sure.

But if he wants to put himself to the test United is the one, though I think Poch would be a much better appointment.


Personally they’ve shown enough that they are still a shambles, in that their next appointment will probably be a shit one too.

Like you said, still no DoF and the way they’re handling the Jose sacking, plus their previous track record…

Not to be biased, but the process we put in to succeed Wenger was more thought out and prepared than any of their hires post Fergie.


Why walk away from Madrid to walk into this United?


My Girlfriend winked at me and said she wanted me to completely humiliate her in bed! i bought her some Manchester United pyjamas!


making sure her defense is weak and attack is toothless i see… :henry2: