Manchester United thread


I wonder if someone leaked the story in order to get a response like this…


Fuck it’s amazing to think that Moyes should be in the 6th and final year of his United contract, legit feels like he managed them last century.


There has been mismanagement at executive / board level, but Mourinho has made some poor decisions in the transfer market.

I’m sure another talented manager (e.g. Pochettino) would have improved United so much more in the same time frame given the money they would have been able to spend.

It’s still a baffling decision to have appointed Mourinho who has repeatedly shown that he has a shelf life of 3 years, and is not the man to rebuild a squad. And then they extended his contract?! The United board deserves to hang for that decision alone.


Class and dignity and the name Mourinho shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence.

Is that the same class and dignity that Mourinho shows other managers, other players, his own players, the media and supporters that pay his wages?


The Mirror though, their source is probably the squirrel that’s sits on the wall by Old Trafford…


SECRET SQUIRREL!!! But that means the source is legit as fuck!


I really want to see him continue into a fourth season. On the same trajectory he currently has them in. Just think of the complete shambles they could become in that time compared to the shit show they already are. I’d love to see if he has the potential to absolutely tank them as a club.


United getting their shit pushed in and all Mourinho can do is stand on the touch line and yell at ppl lolololol. Fuck this is beautiful. Seeing the look on the mugs in the stands too is great :joy::joy::joy:


Just seen the scoreline and I’m fucking dead :sob::sob:


Redcafe down I bet


They wish :laughing:


Fuck it I’m absolutely loving this :arteta:

Thank you Jose

Our club is dead for now.

Board is horrific. Will hire Zidane after this probably which still won’t work or give us the attacking football we want. Our players are a complete disgrace playing like this, it looks like they are playing shit on purpose. Our manager has given up, putting on Mata ahead of Alexis, playing a kid in defense who doesn’t even play there.

I don’t even know what we should do. Many years of this left in my opinion.

What a shit show

Just a taste of what’s on offer at RedCafe


Their tears are truly delicious.

Long live Jose.




Every big club goes through periods like this (although perhaps not in the era of ‘superclubs’). They should forget about immediate titles and use all their wealth and stature to build an exciting but raw project.


I think they knew his time was up and that was likely his last season. Wenger’s position became untenable.


United with 69% possession! :rofl:

What I woulkdn’t give to see Jose’s last team talk.


Shame that is getting sacked soon because this is fantastic.


Wenger really would make this team look better and play better football too.


If Mourinho is still there, they have Chelsea in their next game away.

Of all the clubs to go to, that wouldn’t be at the top of his list.