Manchester United thread


Shocking from the United board if they’ve leaked the sacking of the manager again


ffs, they’ve learnt from the Chelsea debacle then and are cutting their losses asap.

Was looking forward to Emery slapping them around, sad times.



Breaking news: Failed manager is angry that a failing manager will be sacked.


Mourinho can have no complaints even if he gets sacked anyway, he had 2 seasons to assemble a squad with a overwhelming amount of money, he decided 100m midfielder and a 70m Striker (A case to make Ibrahimovic was still better than him at his age) Matic was a 29 year old at 40m odd, even this season Fred was 52m. He was tasked with (in his eyes) a big rebuilding job and instead of being more shrewd he decided big money signings was the way to go, Man Utd is rich, but they aren’t a bottomless pit.

Also I think he’s been exposed too, he didn’t have any genuine advantages like he used to enjoy at previous clubs, this a tough league with many big clubs of which all of them can splash the cash even the smaller teams and throw money around if they desire. He’s lacking the sort of privileges he used to have in his peak and he’s not dealing with it very well.


It just goes to show how good Alex Ferguson really was. They’ve not been the same since he left. No manager since has been able to fully take control of the United dressing room.

I for one have zero sympathy. Loving watching their spiral out of control tbh. Instead of building a competitive side, they’ve just attempted to throw money at the team to no real effect.

I feel fortunate that when we lost our long serving manager, we actually changed our organsational structure at the same time to give us some stability, rather than hiring a manager and hoping for the best like United have done.


Thats a belting point…

And credit to those upstairs as well for doing this.


Mourinho had nothing to do with most players apart from Matic and maybe Lukaku(who he just settled). Matic, if anything, was a fantastic move anw. Still can’t believe Chelsea allowed his departure, and to a rival.
Pogba was purely a marketing move by Woodward and co. and at the time hope he would flourish into the powerhouse player he should be. Royal failure btw.
To me Woodward and his team have been creating mess after mess and it seems they’ve finally hit some ceilings with the put it in my bill spending.
Been saying it for ages, Mourinho has been producing miracles with that lot(squad, upper management and all the crap that comes with that club nowadays). They need a top-down change ASAP to see some light in that club.


Why does Neville always defend the other managers? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Do you think Gazidis knew Wenger was going to leave when Mislintat was appointed in november 2017? Sanhelli was just an like-for-like swap with Dick Law.

United did the same. Ed Woodward just might not be as good a CEO as David Gill was.


He was good but he built an old team that was ready to drop off the cliff. Vidic and Rio were great but done by the end of his final season. Rooney was close to falling off. RVP was back to being injured after being played into the ground. Scholes and Giggs were finally retiring. Carrick was past his best by then. There replacements the SAF brought in were Welbz, Ashley Young, Smalling, Jones, Kagawa and Zaha.

The wheels were always going to fall off because all the quality in the squad was old or retired.


I do think United will kick up a couple of gears when Mourinho is sacked with or without a new manager. It’s obviously toxic right now and the players should be performing much better than they are. Hope he stays longer tbh


The wheels all fell off at the same time though. It simply wouldn’t have happened with Fergie there.


In fairness to SAF he’d been trying to get the Glazers to invest for quite a while. Until the post Fergie years I think United under invested quite heavily in their squad.


I think it would of done to a lesser extent. They won that last season off RVP being world class and he was going to drop off. Same with Rooney, same with Rio, Vidic and he can’t keep re-signing Scholes into his 40s.


Because of his poor squad building in the last few seasons. None of his signings went on to have particularly good careers after that point. You can’t attribute that solely to Moyes and LVG.





I like it when Neville sticks up for Mourinho and criticise the board.
The board have given him more money than nearly any other in Europe, and he has still failed.
The longer he stays there the better, because he will waste more money and drag them down further, while playing boring football.

He then goes on to say it’s the boards fault that the “tail is wagging the dog,” implying that the players have all the power, when it’s Mourinho who bought those players.

When he said, “after this I might look stupid,” it was about the only thing he said that was true.


Really do hope last night’s reports were premature