Manchester United thread


He just can’t help himself can he? The players must absolutely hate him haha


Since signing for United Sánchez has been paid £14.5m.

Nice work if you can get it.


Just a nice way to say his players are shit :mustafi:


For all his complaints about his squad it’s worth noting that:

Pogba, Sanchez, Lukaku, Matic, Fred, Lindelof, Bailly are all his signings. As was Mkhitaryan before he came here.

He’s had enough windows and been backed enough to have put together a team that at least resembles what he wants. The club chose rightly not to back him by selling Martial and signing a 30 year old centre back for a big sum in the summer.

Surprised he’s still getting top gigs though he’s been a manager in decline since his last season at Real.


Great to see them taking over the Banter tag, after years of us having them shit on us, so Sorry don’t feel bad for them at all.

Not surprised at all that Jose downward spiral with Utd. Have they not learned from the Real and Chelsea 2nd stints, he’s no man manager and in today’s game with all the ego’s on player’s you can’t be going out and knocking them. He’s falling out with Ramos, Costa and Hazard and now Pogba.

Plus Utd fan’s demand great football and who in the hell thought Jose would bring that. His style has always been defence first, he’s been lucky that he’s had the likes of Ronaldo, Drogba, Robben, Lampard at the clubs he’s found success at, nearly all of those guys he didn’t buy himself which is interesting. That scored and played the fancy football that saved him from the wrath of fans.

He’s spent big and badly at UTD. Two of his big signings in Pogba and Alexis have been disappointing so far, I always thought Pogba was overrated but Alexis form has been worrying. I think this be Jose last go around with a big club, and what a great downfall it’s been as the arrogant sod deserves it.

But will the Utd board sack him and pay him off with 26 million, I doubt it so more banter times ahead.


They gave him a new contract in January aswell :arteta:


Mourinho must have earned more money being paid off by clubs than actually working for them.
When will clubs learn that he only gets success by outspending all the other clubs, moans constantly that he needs world class players and blames the players when things aren’t going his way.
As well as all that, he’s arrogant, petulant and rude to the media and plays boring football.

I hope he stays at Man U as long as possible, if not, I hope he goes to spurs and drags them down to his level.


That was absolutely baffling at the time. Everyone could see the melodrama was round the corner and they dug themselves even deeper into the package they would need to pay to rid of him.


Just another day in the Man United soap opera


Specialist in flapping his gums


These cunts really are in disarray.

Looking at Spurs’ shambolic stadium situation and this, makes me feel a whole lot better about life in general.


Heard something about him on the radio taking a swipe at the police for not escorting then last night and blaming them for being late :joy::joy::joy:

There’s no end to this guys bullshit.


First attacking the team doctor, now the police.

Think Mourinho should pack this football management stuff in and become a Tory MP


This is exactly what United knew they were getting themselves into though. They threw money at him in the expectation that they’d get something at the end of it.

This is the first job he’s had where he’s truly failed to buy success. He probably can’t believe it himself. When he got the job many thought they’d win ugly but at least they’d win. Take away the success and there’s little positive left to the guy.

He’s an embarrassment to his club. Long may he reign :giroud2:


Who know stoke could be so savage


Can’t bring myself to give a Stoke tweet a like.


I done it :disappointed:


For Shame…


Sounds like Mou might be getting the sack this weekend.

Shame, I wanted this to continue longer.


From the special one to the fallen one